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It’s Organic September in the UK – and we’re right in the thick of it here at Naturally Good Food. We’re one of the UK’s leading organic online retailers, with our own organic packing licence from the Soil Association: we know just about all there is to know about our organic products! We love their taste, their nutrition and their positive impact on the world. To us, organic means as good as it gets. What does it mean to you?

Organic means a better environment

Organic farming supports the health of our soils, our waterways and our atmosphere. Harmful pesticides and artificial fertilisers are prohibited. Wildlife flourish on organic farms, where their varied habitats are protected. They in turn contribute to the delicately balanced ecosystems that strengthen our soil and our crops.

With pesticide use severely restricted, ‘run off’ into waterways is greatly limited (and the most harmful substances are completely banned). Strong soils also serve as carbon sinks, helping to combat rising carbon levels in our atmosphere.

See our blogs Save our soil (and our planet) with the Soil Association and The birds and the bees: eat organic to protect wildlife for more thoughts on this.

Organic means a better life for animals

In organic farming, animals live the best and healthiest lives possible. They’re truly free-range, are fed a diet that’s 100% organic itself and contains no genetically modified (GM) ingredients, are treated kindly during transportation and at the end of their lives, and are not injected routinely with antibiotics. The results, according to the Soil Association, are by-products that are richer in nutrients than their non-organic counterparts, and that limit the spread of antibiotic resistance through the food chain.

Our blog Always free-range: eat organic explains this further.

Organic means better taste

You simply can’t persuade us that the organic food we sell doesn’t taste magnificent! There’s a depth of flavour, as well as a subtle complexity of taste, in the organic fruit, nuts and seeds we nibble on daily. Organic food hasn’t had things added to it or things taken away. It’s been grown naturally – and tastes wonderfully natural as a result.

You’ll have to try it out for yourself, of course. Here’s what happened when we put a couple of pecans to the test: A tale of two pecans: THIS is why you should eat organic.

Organic means better nutrition

There’s a lot of arguing about the nutritional qualities of organic food, and much of the research is far from neutral (on both sides). Our own view is that nutrition is never improved by messing around with nature; it’s never improved by spraying crops with chemical pesticides; and it’s never improved by growing crops in impoverished, depleted soils. The sheer wonderfulness of the taste of our organic products suggests to us that there’s a wealth of nutrition inside each nut, seed, grain, fruit, pulse and drop of oil.

More solid statistics are available on the Soil Association website, indicating the precise nutritional qualities of organic food. The Association points to research in the British Journal of Nutrition showing significant nutritional differences between organic and non-organic farming. A team at Newcastle University, for instance, found that organic crops were up to 60% richer in a number of key antioxidants than those grown conventionally. Further research indicated that organic milk and meat contained around 50% more beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic milk and meat. For more data, visit this link.

Our own blog Know what you’re eating: eat organic talks about all the nasty stuff you won’t find in organic food. And When organic really matters tells you all about the good stuff!

Organic means a better world

Stopping just short of breaking into song, we’ll conclude by stating that to us, organic simply means a better world. For animals. For plants. For the environment. And for humans.

Shop organic with Naturally Good Food here.

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