Back to uni: grub…without the grant

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Unless the student grant has been reinstated by the time this blog goes live, then students up and down the country will shortly be off to uni with a readymade overdraft, rather than a fat cheque. But money or no money, they’ll still have to eat – and it’s now a case of making grub without a grant.

We’ve got some advice.

Eat lots

There’s nothing like a full stomach for seeing off nerves – and nothing like familiar food to help keep some of the homesickness at bay. So don’t worry too much in the first few days about eating a hugely healthy diet. Just eat! Take some biscuits, tea and coffee to entertain those new lifelong-best-friends you’ll make on the first evening.

Eat simply

Students struggling with a whole new way of life need simple food to cook. Pasta is your real best friend here – try these packs from Biona. You can simply add a jar of sauce – tomato, probably, or pesto for the sophisticated. A friend of mine used simply to squeeze in some tomato puree and eat it like that (and she’s now an international shipping lawyer, so it didn’t do her any harm).

Image: Phil and Pam Gradwell

Beans on toast are another perfect stand-by. And the ones at Naturally Good Food are both delicious and nutritious.

Eat wholefoods

When you’ve found your feet, you’ll need to eat well, healthily and cheaply, to ward off fresher’s flu, existential crises and bankruptcy. May we suggest lentils? Cook with some tinned tomatoes and curry powder, add veg and some rice, and you have a meal enjoyed by legendary generations of students.

If you’re not quite up to lentils, then go for simple wholefood swaps: wholemeal bread, instead of white; brown basmati rice instead of white; and the odd bowl of porridge in winter. Wholefoods are great at filling you up and providing you with long-lasting energy. They give you the whole of the food, replete with a host of vitamins and minerals, fibre and protein.

Eat healthy snacks

If you’re worried that a student you know might not get enough fruit and veg (my sister decided to live on nothing but white bread and Penguin biscuits for a few weeks at university. Her hair fell out), then don’t bother with the nagging, simply pop a few packs of dried fruit and nuts into their packing, for easy and quick nutrition while snacking….

Eat free from food sensibly

There are lots of students out there following gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan diets. If you’re one of them, make sure you’re doing so sensibly. You can’t remove an element from your diet without replacing it with something else of equal value. You need food that’s rich in fibre and high in protein and that’s packed with the full range of vitamins and minerals. At Naturally Good Food, we stock gluten-free and dairy-free products from specialist suppliers, who make sure their products tick all the right nutritional boxes. Our vegan range is equally high-quality.

Visit Naturally Good Food

Being an online only retailer, we have a branch in every university town! We’re great for top-quality wholefoods, gluten-free and dairy-free food and organic products. Students don’t tend to have huge amounts of storage space, but if you’re in a house-share with similarly minded people, you might like to look at buying in bulk from us and sharing it out amongst you – it’s the cheapest way to get the best nutrition.

For students? Really?

There really are students out there who love wholefoods as much as we do. In fact, Naturally Good Food has its roots in a time when two such students met each other, decades ago…

Naturally Good Reads v2

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