It’s time to order your dried fruit for Christmas

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….that’s if you haven’t already done so, of course! Orders for our organic mixed dried fruit (currants, raisins, sultanas and mixed peel) begin flying out of the door in late September. They’re closely followed by orders for all our other Christmas baking ingredients, including Lubecker marzipan and gluten-free vegetarian suet. This year, Stir-up Sunday falls on November 25th – but that’s far too late for many of you, we know!

Many serious home-bakers, and small-scale caterers, start work on their Christmas cakes around three months ahead of the day itself. Some may even be prepared to make cakes in the summer and freeze them until Christmas….Others, however, feel that six weeks is the ideal maturing time for a cake.

We cater for all camps, and all tastes, at Naturally Good Food. We begin preparing our own Christmas packs of mixed dried fruit, marzipan and suet as soon as we’re back from our summer holidays.

Let’s take a look at our order-ahead Christmas ingredients.

Organic mixed dried fruit

To make our packs of mixed dried fruit, we take the finest organic sultanas, raisins and currants and mix them in a ratio of 2:1:1, to give the perfect blend.

Our organic dried fruit tastes wonderful – simply bursting with the sunlight of Greece and Turkey. The currants explode on your tongue with a crunch of sweetness, while the raisins and mellow sultanas have a juiciness that’s just the right side of cloying.

We mix our own dried fruit in packs ranging from 500g to 3kg, and can, of course, also sell you the full bulk boxes of dried fruit, if you’d rather mix your own (and have an industrial-sized bath or bucket in which to do so). For those catering on a large scale, we also sell a 12.5kg bag of mixed vine fruit, although this is not organic.

Click here to see our full range of mixed fruit.

Organic mixed peel

Organic mixed peel complements our mixed dried fruit perfectly. It’s been one of our biggest sellers throughout the year. We take beautifully bright, sweet organic lemon and orange peel from Italy and mix it in our own particular ratio. It’s ideal for Christmas cakes, Christmas puddings and mince pies: a little reminder of summer sun, in the depths of winter.

Vegetable suet

If your Christmas recipe calls for suet, then vegetable suet, made from hard palm and sunflower fat, gives the very lightest touch we can find. This suet is dairy-free and, importantly for many of our customers, gluten-free too.

Lubecker marzipan

This wonderfully soft and pale marzipan is organic and made with a high concentration of almonds, in the traditional manner. It makes the very best Christmas cake topper – and can be used for moulding too.

Other Christmas ingredients

While you’re ordering in good time, why not take a look at the rest of our range? We’ve got all the unrefined sugar and organic spices you’ll need for the very best Christmas baking, along with a huge range of nuts and lots and lots of other dried fruit. Who says Christmas is all about currants and raisins? We’ve got the richest, fruitiest figs, prunes, apricots and dates, too!

As the big day draws nearer, we’ll continue to build on our Christmas range. Come back later on to check on our Christmas drinks, Advent calendars, chocolate treats and speciality Christmas goodies.

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