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We’re NGF: Naturally Good Food. As well as providing our customers with a whole range of branded goods – organic, wholefood and free from products – we pack our very own lines of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses, sugar and more! We pack in a variety of sizes, from snack bags right up to bulk boxes and sacks. Our organic packer’s licence from the Soil Association allows us to handle the very finest organic wholefoods.

We’re well-known for our organic dried fruit. We’re big supporters of the organic system of farming, particularly when it comes to growing thin-skinned fruits, nuts and seeds. In organic farming, no harmful chemical-based pesticides are used, protecting the fruit – and our own health. In addition, artificial preservatives and other additives are banned during processing. As a result, the organic dried fruit we sell is dried naturally, straight after picking. It’s usually a much deeper, darker colour than non-organic fruit and has an unsurpassable richness of flavour.

We also pack non-organic dried fruit – there’s something for everyone! While most of the dried fruit we sell is ‘whole’ and single variety, we also pack very popular mixes, as well as an increasing range of chopped dried fruit.

Let’s take a closer look at what we have available in the NGF dried fruit range.


Dark and intensely flavoured; dried without the use of sulphur dioxide.


Richly flavoured and perfumed. Occasionally, the natural sugars crystallise on the outside of these fruits, which many of our customers find a distinct bonus.


Sweet, sticky and honey-ish, we stock a few varieties of our own dates.


Thick and unctuous.


Bright and juicy – really, nothing like supermarket raisins!


With a slightly milder, mellower taste than raisins.


Bright little buttons of intense flavour.

Mixed fruit

Our own mix of raisins, sultanas and currants – great for baking and wildly popular at Christmastime.

Apple rings

Great for chewing on for kids, or for adding to casseroles and stock.

Banana chips

Even people who don’t like bananas tend to love these naturally sweet banana chips.


A renowned superfood, these are a really useful dried fruit.


Tart, but wonderfully sweet, and high in vitamins A and C.

Candied peel

We’ve got lemon and orange caps and our very popular chopped mixed organic peel: wonderfully sunny cubes of orange and lemon peel – again, a big seller at Christmas time.

Crystallised ginger

A fiery sweet treat, that’s also pretty good for you.


We sell a couple of varieties of mango under the NGF label. Both are of the highest organic quality.


Another tropical favourite – better than a sweet!

Peach halves

A more unusual dried fruit, these are good in breakfast mixes or added to cooking.

Goji berries

Renowned for their high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content, these have a big following.


One of our most unusual dried fruits: sweet, a little tart, with a slight vanilla-ish taste – and very good for you.


We’ve got natural colour glace cherries, which have a great, juicy taste without the garish appearance of normal glace cherries – as well as sour cherries.

Click here to see all our dried fruit.

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