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Nuts are one of our core products at Naturally Good Food. They’re part of our wholefood range, which also includes dried fruit, seeds, grains, rice, pulses and oils. We sell nuts in all sizes – from snack packs, up to huge bulk bags and boxes. Thanks to our organic packing licence from the Soil Association, we’re permitted to pack our ‘own label’ NGF nuts into just the right sizes for our customers.

As a result, we’ve got an unparalleled range of organic nuts, along with non-organic nuts too. We cater for businesses, families and individuals – all of whom are aware of the great nutritional value of nuts. Nuts provide us with vital protein and are a rich source of fibre, monounsaturated fat and starchy carbohydrate. Across our range, you’ll find the full complement of vitamins and minerals. Nuts keep our brains, hearts, lungs, reproductive and immune systems in working order. They also keep us nicely full, preventing us from snacking on much less healthy options. For a great overview of the health properties of nuts, see our blog: Nuts and nutrition: what makes nuts so great?

We’re particularly skilled at dealing with orders for bulk nuts. We have a rapid turnover of stock and ensure that everything we send out has a lengthy use-by date. As a result, our nuts are really fresh and can be safely bought in bulk, at our best price. We’ve got bulk nuts in large 20kg and 25kg bulk sacks and boxes and in smaller (10kg, 5kg, 1kg) mid-bulk sizes.

If you’d like to place a regular order for bulk nuts, please contact us to discuss our best possible price.

Our range of nuts

Here’s what we have in our current range.


We have almonds whole, blanched, chopped, flaked, ground, roasted and salted. Our organic almonds come from Spain and have a wonderfully delicate flavour.

Brazil nuts

Sourced from Bolivia, our Brazil nuts are available whole, broken or as midgets.


Usually from Vietnam or India, we have whole cashews and cashew pieces. In pre-packs, we have roasted, salted cashews, as well as cashews seasoned with sea salt and black pepper.


A great favourite at Christmas! We have peeled and roasted versions of this slightly unusual nut, which is high in starchy carbohydrate and fibre, but low in fat and calories.


We’ve got the full range of coconut products at Naturally Good Food. In nut form, we have flaked, desiccated, toasted and chipped coconut.


From Turkey, and incredibly ‘fruity’ to taste, as well as ‘nutty’, we have whole, blanched, ground and roasted hazelnuts.


Macadamias are one of the most special nuts we stock – rightly called ‘the Queen of nuts’ for their amazingly delicate flavour and waxy texture. We stock macadamia nuts in wholes and halves.

Mixed nuts

Mixed nuts

If you’re looking for a blend of nuts, we’d point you towards our mixed nuts, which contain walnut halves, hazelnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts. We mix and sell these in pack sizes from 250g to 5kg. We also sell pre-packaged bags and boxes of mixed nuts, including chopped mixed nuts.


Not just for pub snacks! We have peanuts whole, blanched, paleskin, redskin, in-shell, roasted and salted, as well as coated with wasabi.


From the USA and South America, our pecans are deliciously coffee-ish and toffee-ish. We sell these in halves and pieces.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are beautifully fragrant, with a lovely soft texture. Again, we sell these in various pack sizes.


We stock pistachios in-shell, as kernels, raw, roasted and salted.


Walnuts have a dedicated following among those looking for top nutrition. Our walnuts usually come from Moldova and are available whole and in quarters.

Snack packs

We also sell snack packs of various roasted, salted and spiced nuts and nut mixes. How about some hot chilli almonds or cashews – or a roasted, salted nut mix?

Freshness and storage

With our rapid turnover of stock, the nuts you get from us are guaranteed to be fresh. We don’t think it will take you long to get through your purchase – but if you’ve bought more than you need right away, remember that nuts can be refrigerated or frozen to keep them fresh.

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