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Rice: full of slow-releasing carbohydrate and packed with fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, it’s simply one of the best foodstuffs you can include in a meal (especially if you’ve chosen a brown variety)! Rice is the ideal base for all kinds of meals, but can also, in many dishes, be the actual star of the meal itself. Some rices are especially well-suited to one particular culinary application, but many fit perfectly with all kinds of different meals, from all over the world.

We’ve got a wealth of choice at Naturally Good Food: organic and non-organic rice, small packs and bulk sacks. We sell rice in as many different varieties as we can source. We’re especially proud of our organic rice, which is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilisers, and in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

Our rice comes from countries all round the world. The basmati rices (both white and brown) are grown in Pakistan and India, in an area that floods just once a year with the snow-melt. Our organic long-grain and short-grain rices tend to come from Italy, particularly the Lombardy and Piedmonte areas, where the fertile swampy plains of the Po river valley provide ideal conditions. We also have rice from a specific region of France (Camargue, with its distinctive red grains) and fragrant Jasmine rice from Thailand.

All our rice

Here’s a quick list of all the varieties of rice we currently stock. If you’re particularly interested in bulk (5kg and upwards) sizes, click here to view the Bulk rice section of our website.

Basmati brown rice

From the Himalayas, it’s our best-seller – and the best way to get started with brown rice.

Basmati white rice

With an unrivalled delicacy of texture and flavour – perfect for curries.

Jasmine white rice

With a beautiful fragrance, this works well with Thai food.

Jasmine brown rice

Again, from Thailand – this time a wholefood variety.

Red rice

Red rice from France, as called for in specific recipes.

Black rice

Black rice – once called ‘forbidden rice’ – has a distinctive colour, indicating the presence of anthocyanins.

Wild rice

Wild rice is technically a grass, rather than a rice, but cooks and can be used in just the same way. It’s got a great chewy texture.

Long-grain brown rice

The rice eaten most around the world, this is a good, basic brown rice.

Long-grain white rice

If brown rice isn’t (yet!) for you, our long-grain white rice is probably what you’re looking for.

Short-grain brown rice

Short-grain rice is ideal for recipes calling for round grains.

Arborio rice

Arborio rice is a traditional risotto rice. We’ve also got white risotto rice and brown risotto rice, as well as pudding rice. The names may be different, but the types of rice are very similar.

White sushi rice and Brown sushi rice

From Clearspring, these are just what you need for authentic Japanese cooking.

To see all our rices, click here.

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