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Grains are an important part of Naturally Good Food’s wholefoods range. We sell a huge variety of them, in organic and non-organic forms, and in pack sizes ranging from small up to bulk sacks.

Grains are the basics: they’re the steady, wholesome base of most of our meals; the energy-givers; the backbones of stews, soups and bakes. It’s pretty hard to get through a day without consuming grains in any form. But that’s all the more reason to make sure the grains you take in are the best they can be. At Naturally Good Food we stock organic grains, grown without the use of dangerous pesticides and fertilisers and with due regard to sustainability and the environment. We stock wholegrains, allowing you to eat the whole of the food, with all its wealth of nutrition.

We have gluten-free grains too, so that those on specialist diets can make themselves the healthiest possible meals, using naturally gluten-free staples.

Our grain range

Here’s a quick look at what we’ve currently got in our range of grains.


This tiny, naturally gluten-free grain adds a nutty sweetness to dishes and is a good thickener of soups and stews.

Barley grain, pot and pearl

Just like your Granny used, barley of all kinds makes a wonderful addition to a hearty stew.

Quinoa: black, red, pearl and tricolour, including UK-grown quinoa

Quinoa is a renowned superfood, being a ‘complete protein’ (and remarkably easy to cook). It makes a great change from rice.

Buckwheat groats and roasted buckwheat

Another good gluten-free option is this pseudocereal, often ground up to make flour.

Bulgur (cracked wheat) and Freekeh (cracked green wheat)

The internet has some great ideas for recipes using these traditional quick-cooking grains – ideal for when you’re in a hurry and need something nutritious, fast.

Couscous (including spelt and kamut couscous and fregola – giant couscous)

Everyone loves couscous – try a variety made from an ancient grain, or a wholemeal version, for a nutritional boost.


Millet is a staple grain in various parts of the world, used to make traditional breads and other foodstuffs. It’s also naturally gluten-free.

Oat groats

Oat groats satisfy those who find standard porridge oats – or even oatmeal – too weak and watery! They make a great, thick, filling meal.


For a real taste of the sun, try our organic polenta.


Our natural organic popcorn is, of course, one of the best ways to eat corn.

Rye grain

Whether ground up for flour or added to cooking, rye brings a distinctive flavour and a host of nutritious elements.

Spelt grain

Many people who can’t tolerate normal wheat find that they can manage with this ancient variety.

Teff grain

Teff grain is easy to cook and makes a great stuffing or pilaf.

Wheat grain and wheatgerm

Wheatgerm is good for sprinkling on muesli or for using instead of breadcrumbs. Wheat grain (sometimes called ‘wheat berries’) can be ground down or cooked whole in stews and soups.

See all our grains here.

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