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When the cold’s nipping at your fingers, toes and the end of your nose, it’s no good moaning about the passing of summer. Instead, it’s an inner warmth you need to cultivate! At Naturally Good Food, we’ve got some great ideas – and wonderful ingredients – to help you stoke up your inner fire, ready for winter. With our grains, soups, nuts, spices and pulses, we’ve got all the warmth and sheer wholesomeness you need to get your engine purring again.

Winter warmers: wholefoods

This is the season for wholefoods: for thick bean stews, served with brown rice; for hearty pasta bakes (why not try out some of our more unusual pasta varieties?); and for satisfying steamed puddings, using our amazing baking ingredients. You might also want to stock up, like a squirrel, on some of our rich dried fruit, crunchy organic nuts and nutritious seeds.

How about a good thick porridge in the mornings? Our organic porridge oats are wonderfully soft and creamy. Mix with water, milk or a non-dairy milk of your choice, then add a spoonful of one of our fragrant unrefined sugars, a dash of one of our organic syrups, or simply salt or spice.

You can also, of course, turn our oats into an immensely satisfying flapjack: see our famous perfect chewy flapjack recipe here. We don’t usually suggest improving on it, but when the wind’s howling down the chimney, you might find it even better with some sunflower and pumpkin seeds, or chopped Brazil nuts, dates or apricots.

Warming drinks

Our potent coffees and rich, dark chocolate drinks come into their own right now too, while our comprehensive range of herbal teas is just as good in the cold as in the warmer months. Perhaps Pukka’s 3 Ginger tea might be just what you need for a bit of an internal boost?

Organic spices

Whatever you’ve got on the stove or in the oven can be given an extra autumnal boost by some of our pungent organic spices. These are a completely different beast to ordinary spices. They’re rich in flavour, less dusty in texture and generally brighter in colour.

We stock every organic spice we can, from Allspice to Za’atar. For winter recipes, you’ll need our ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cumin, coriander seed and turmeric, among others. Charge your cupcakes with a pinch of mixed spice – or toss your roast potatoes in turmeric for an immune-boosting, warming crunch. What about a hint of cinnamon in your hot chocolate? Or a sprinkling of cayenne pepper on your macaroni cheese?


If you need a quick meal to banish the winter chill, you’re likely to turn to soup! We’ve got a great range of soups at Naturally Good Food, covering the old favourites (lentil, tomato, and carrot and coriander, for instance), as well as the more unusual (butternut squash and ginger – or mushroom and buckwheat). We sometimes like to add some Clearspring Quickcook grains to our soup, too.

Rib-sticking puddings

Ward off colds, flu and general feelings of misery with a great autumnal pudding. We love Eve’s pudding, made with blackberries from the garden; baked apples stuffed with organic mincemeat; steamed golden syrup and date pudding made with our amazingly light vegetable suet; and apricot and peach cobbler served with thick custard. These are puddings that turn the fruit of the summer into the fuel you need to power through the darker months ahead.

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