Biona: a super-brand

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Biona is one of Naturally Good Food’s best-selling brands: for us, it’s a super-brand! As they celebrate 20 years of making the best organic foods available to us all, it seems like the perfect time to say Happy Birthday to them – and to take a look at what they do.

We're big fans of Biona

Biona is part of the Windmill Organics group, which champions great-tasting, thoughtfully prepared food, designed to complement an ethical lifestyle. The farmers Biona work with don’t use chemical pesticides or herbicides on crops, and they don’t grow genetically modified plants. Biona also make sure they use only sustainable farming methods and do not work their land intensively.  The company believes in 100% traceability for all its products; they know all their ingredients are of the highest quality, completely natural and fully suitable for vegetarians.

Our Biona products

All of this makes Biona a perfect match for our own values – and their range stretches right across all of our own categories. Indeed, there’s barely a shelf in our warehouse on which we don’t stock a Biona product.

We have plenty, for example, in our general savoury categories:

And in our sweet categories:

We’ve got Biona breakfast products:

And wholefoods:

And sweets and snacks:

There are also Biona juices:

Biona vinegars:

And sugars and sweeteners:

Finally, we’re proud to stock Biona’s coconut specialities:

Are you a Biona fan?

There’s something for all our customers with Biona – and their products fly off our shelves. If you’re one of their fans, you might like to check out their amazing recipe section on their website:  (I especially like the sound of their current top recipe: game-changing vegan banana walnut pancakes.) They’ve got recipes for drinks, dips, starters, main courses and desserts – and a whole section for those special days on which it can sometimes be hard to find vegetarian alternatives. Check out their Christmas and Boxing Day recipes, as the big days approach…Festive falafels and Vegan Eggnog, anyone?

Biona have a great Instagram feed, a healthy presence on twitter and an energetic facebook page. They’re well worth following – as is the lifestyle they both recommend and make possible, thanks to their products.

See our full Biona range here.

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