Superfood powders for Movember superheroes

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Feeling like a superhero? With a moustache? It’s Movember: the month in which moustachioed men raise money for – and awareness of – health issues that particularly affect men.

By day, they’re mild-mannered accountants, IT helpdesk consultants, warehouse pickers and High Court judges. By the force of Movember, however, these men are transformed – maybe just for one month – into superheroes with moustaches.

Movember is indeed a force to be reckoned with: it’s a worldwide charity tackling prostate cancer, testicular cancer and the problems of men’s mental health and suicide rates. It works with researchers and developers globally to pioneer new approaches, produce relevant advice and provide the necessary tools for men to live happy and healthy lives. It’s raised hundreds of millions of pounds to invest in its core areas.

So, just like the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who’ll be carefully nurturing their facial hair this month, at NGF we’ll be having a few Mo-ments of our own throughout November!

For us, of course, it’s mostly about food. We want to sell the best food to promote men’s health – food to help prevent cancer, and to help those who have cancer recover. Food to build physical, mental and emotional strength. Food for Movember superheroes and for every single man out there.

We like to think we do this every day anyway. Our wholefoods range provides the ‘whole’ of a food, with its full complement of vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. Our organic range ensures that you avoid unpleasant (and possibly dangerous) chemical additives. Our top-quality gluten- and dairy-free range means that even if you’re on a restricted diet, you can eat healthily.

For Movember, however, we’d like to take it up a notch. If you’re looking for super-health, you can’t do better than look at our super-foods. In particular, this Movember we’re recommending our superfood powders – for superheroes and for every man!

Superfood powders for Movember superheros

Superfood powders are the powdered essence of some of the most nutrient-rich foodstuffs from around the world. Like men, they come in all different varieties, flavours and sizes. They’re easy to add to home cooking, to smoothies and to energy-boosting drinks. They bring a huge range of health benefits, in an easily accessible way, making them ideal for the busy superhero this Movember.

Here’s what we have in our NGF Superfood powders range.

So superheroes: moustaches and powders at the ready! For the very best men’s health, with advice throughout the month, follow NGF on Instagram, twitter and Facebook this Movember.

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