What men should eat in their 40s

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If you’re a man in your 40s, what should you eat –to stay fighting fit and ready for everything life can throw at you?

At Naturally Good Food, we’re taking a look at men’s health this month. In particular, we’re looking at the best food for men. We’re promoters of good health and specialise in providing the very best, most nutritious food for everyone with an interest in their health. Whatever age you are, we’ve got what you need. But what, in particular, do you need if you’re a man in your 40s?

Life begins….

Don’t despair – but in your 40s, you’re generally considered to be at the bottom of the ‘curve of happiness’. Accumulated stresses from managing your own family life, coping with aging parents, steering a career, handling financial decisions and surviving relationship woes can add up to a pretty difficult mix. In addition, there are thought to be hormonal changes that occur independently at this time of life, leading to a decline in contentedness.

It’s the point at which many men start to take stock. And then take up running. Good health can come to seem a much more pressing matter than it ever did in your carefree 20s or hyper-busy 30s. It stops being a vaguely nice ‘add-on’ to your life and becomes pretty much the main focus. If you’re healthy, you can just about manage everything….

So here are our tips!

Look after your heart

Once you hit your mid-40s, heart disease becomes one of the major causes of death among men. The usual lifestyle adjustments are required: cutting out cigarettes and alcohol and exercising more. But diet also plays an important role. A generally healthy diet will keep you within recommended weight parameters, decreasing your risk of heart disease. There are, in addition, certain foods that are thought to have an especially positive impact on heart health. These include:

  • Dark chocolate: lowers blood pressure and eases blood flow.
  • Oily fish: high in heart-friendly Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Walnuts: again, with a great Omega-3 profile.
  • Linseed: another good source of Omega-3. Cracked linseed is an easy option to add to your diet.
  • Pulses: pulses of all kinds are packed with fibre, which has been shown to protect against heart disease.

Look past your stomach

Look past your stomach – can you see your toes? If not, it’s almost certainly time to cut down on the stomach fat. There’s little chance that a diet of raw fruit and vegetables is going to appeal at this stressful time of your life, however. What you’re probably more interested in is a diet that fills and satisfies – and still keeps your weight in check. For this, you need a diet based on wholefoods. A diet rich in pulses, whole grains and other complex carbohydrates, with nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables, will be hearty enough to satisfy and to provide you with a steady stream of energy throughout the day.

Look even lower…

If you’re concerned about prostate cancer (and while it rears its head – so to speak – later on in life, it’s now that the seeds – apologies – are sown), then again, a healthy diet is in order. Some nutritional experts also recommend the following specific foodstuffs:

  • Brazil nuts: rich in selenium, thought to provide protection against prostate problems.
  • Green tea: according to studies in China, the catechins in green tea may inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Tomatoes: for a neutral view on the subject, see our blog: Eat tomatoes for prostate problems?

Look inside

If you haven’t already had your cholesterol levels checked out, then now’s the time to do so. It’s easy to eat a diet that raises cholesterol – and therefore equally easy to do the opposite. To lower cholesterol, the usual guidelines for a healthy diet apply. In addition, you might like to check out the following foods in particular:

  • Walnuts: antioxidant-rich, they’re believed to lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Oats: high in soluble fibre, with a positive impact on cholesterol.
  • Pulses: again, great for soluble fibre.
  • Vegetable oils: unsaturated vegetable oils are thought to be the best fats for lowering cholesterol. We stock a full range of cold-pressed, unrefined oils at Naturally Good Food.

And finally…look on the bright side

From the bottom of the curve of happiness, there’s really only one way you can go! Men past middle age report much higher levels of contentedness and significantly lower levels of stress. One step at a time then, you’ll pull yourself back on track. And the best of food, giving the best nutrition, will help you do so.

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