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Are you looking for syrup in bulk quantities? At Naturally Good Food we’ve got agave, corn, rice, golden and maple syrup in bulk containers, tubs and drums. We supply caterers of all kinds with our various syrups. They’re the best we can source and we offer them at the best possible price.

Bulk agave syrup

We send bulk bulk agave syrup to bakers, cocktail bars, frozen yoghurt makers and innovative caterers. This intensely sweet, low-GI sweetener has become extremely popular in recent years. It’s suitable for vegans and is extracted from a cactus-like plant at a temperature that’s low enough to be classed as ‘raw’.

In our bulk agave range we currently have:

Bulk corn syrup

We can offer a catering tub of organic corn syrup – it’s a lovely dark orange in colour. This is available for pallet deliveries or pick-up only.

Bulk golden syrup

If you get through a lot of golden syrup, you might be interested in this 5kg tub of organic Fairtrade golden syrup.

Bulk maple syrup

We have a 22.68kg drum of dark Canadian maple syrup. This is tapped from the trees later in the season, when the syrup is darker in colour and stronger in flavour.

Bulk rice syrup

Again available as a pallet delivery or for pick-up in person, we have a 25kg tub of rice syrup, made from sprouted wholegrain rice. It has a mild, caramel flavour.

All our bulk range 

If you’re buying syrup in bulk, you might also be interested in the rest of our bulk range. We’re specialists in wholefoods, organic food and free from food (especially gluten-free and dairy-free products). Bulk sacks of grains, rice and pulses, along with bulk boxes of nuts and dried fruit, are dispatched daily from our warehouse. We’ve got a good steady following for our organic spices and herbs in bulk packs – and a large amount of repeat business for our dairy-free milk in bulk.

Click here to see our full bulk section.

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