Mo-vember: feeling Mo-tivated?

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This month, we’ve been following the Movember bandwagon! Movember, a worldwide charity tackling men’s cancers and mental health issues, is a force that grows – like feathery side-whiskers – every year.

Movember has come to an end. But you can still continue your Movember diet!

It’s not just about moustaches, of course, though that’s how many men show their support for the cause. In a variety of ways this month, from online chats to black-tie balls, from daddy-and-daughter dance sessions to gentlemen’s motorbike rallies, men (and women) have raised money for, and awareness of, the health issues that affect men.

At Naturally Good Food we’ve spent the month looking mostly at food, asking the big question: what should men eat for the best health?

We’ve thought about men’s health and diets at different stages of their lives. What should you be eating in your twenties? In your forties? In your sixties?

We’ve looked at superfood powders (for all those Movember superheroes) – are they all they’re cracked up to be? Is it worth adding them to your diet? See what we came up with here.

We considered the rumour that eating tomatoes could help prevent prostate problems. Was there any truth to it? See our blog on the subject here.

What about the suggestion that an alkaline diet could help men? We examined that here.

We took a look, too, at the myths surrounding men and cooking. Are men obsessed with utensils? Besotted with barbecues? Scared of the stove? Are all the best chefs really men?

It’s been a blast! Now, energised by our discoveries and by the very best of food, we feel ready to take on the rest of the year. What about you? Feeling equally mo-tivated?

Get your mo-tivation from us

Naturally Good Food is here to help you continue your Movember diet all the way through to next November. We’ve got everything men of all ages need for the best nutrition and the best health.

Here’s what we’ve recommended this month, for all men out there:

Wholefoods: for steady, long-lasting, mood-stabilising, weight-reducing energy. The whole of the food brings you the whole of the vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. These are hearty, satisfying foodstuffs, which build bones, strengthen systems, renew cells, prevent illnesses and protect you all round. In particular, look at:

Nuts: Brazil nuts are great for selenium, while walnuts bring a wealth of Omega-3 fatty acids. But all our nuts have a role to play in good health.

Seeds: little powerhouses of nutrition, they’re also generally cheaper than nuts.

Dried fruit: a great on-the-go snack, packed with vitamins and minerals and important for fibre.

Oats: whether you’re still sowing your oats, or have been put out to pasture, oats power you through the day (and night).

Grains: whole grains are complex carbohydrates, fuelling your body in a reliable and nutritious fashion.

Pulses: unbeatable sources of protein, fibre and energy.

Cold-pressed oils: unrefined, unsaturated oils for healthy fat.

Turmeric: to keep your immune system in tip-top condition.

Superfood powders: for men who need a super-boost! These are easy to add to cooking, shakes and smoothies. With a range of intense health benefits, there’s a superfood powder for every man.

Now that Movember’s over, you might decide to shave your moustache off. But don’t get rid of your good dietary resolutions at the same time. For the best health, you need the very best food. And for the very best food, you need Naturally Good Food!

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