All things sweet – it’s Christmas!

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Sugar, nectar, syrup and sweet extracts: it’s almost Christmas and we’re celebrating all our very sweetest things at Naturally Good Food.

Have you got all your sweet stuff for Christmas?

We’ve got a huge range of sugars, syrups, nectars and extracts – but of course, we don’t sell just any old sweet thing. We choose very carefully, selecting unrefined and organic options, made from the finest ingredients.

Whether you’re making a delicate spun-sugar bauble this Christmas, or a vat of bubbling caramel, we’ve got a touch of sweetness just for you this season!

(And, ssh! We’ve got a range of ‘sugar alternatives’ too. Still sweet, they each bring their own reputed ‘healthier’ benefits. We’ll take a look at those below too.)


If sugar to you just means the crunchy white stuff, read on and prepare to be amazed….we’ve got sugars of all textures and flavours, and from all parts of the colour spectrum, at Naturally Good Food. Light, dark, fine, granulated, raw, trade-marked, Fairtrade, organic and unrefined: there’s a sugar for every taste and every cooking need. Here’s a quick run-down of them all:

  • Sucanat and Rapadura: these are the trade names given to unrefined, evaporated cane juice, lightly processed to give a fine-grained sugar, with a lovely caramel flavour. Only the water has been removed – the molasses and trace elements remain.
  • Granulated fine cane sugar: this is what most people think of as ‘normal’ sugar. We sell this in organic form, for everyday uses. It’s a light cream in colour.
  • Caster sugar: this is granulated sugar that’s been passed through a ‘caster’ – a sort of sieve – making it finer. We stock organic white caster sugar, as well as golden caster sugar, which gives a lovely colour to your baking and adds a subtle buttery taste.
  • Coconut palm sugar: made from the liquid nectar of the coconut blossom, this has a particularly rich, butterscotch flavour. With a low melting and high burning temperature, it’s ideal for everyday cooking.
  • Dark muscovado sugar: considered by many to be the world’s finest dark brown soft sugar, this contains the molasses content from the whole sugar cane, with a distinctive treacle taste. In essence, it retains all the nutrition that is refined out of standard white sugar.
  • Light muscovado sugar: with a lower percentage of molasses, this is a lighter, more honey-coloured sugar than the dark muscovado, with a gentler flavour, more like fudge than treacle.
  • Demerara sugar: a particular type of light brown cane sugar, originally from Guyana. It has large crystals, with a great crunch and sparkle, making it a good choice for decoration.
  • Icing sugar: bright white, organic and unrefined.

Syrups and nectars

When you need a touch of liquid sweetness, it’s a syrup or a nectar you should reach for. Here’s what we stock:

Our syrups are particularly popular in bulk and mid-bulk sizes. If you’re likely to need a regular order, contact us to see how we can help.


Barley malt extract: produced by extraction from malted barley, this is the same as barley malt syrup above.

What’s the alternative?

Some of our customers avoid sugar, but are interested in our sugar alternatives. In this category we include:

  • Xylitol: a natural, plant-based sweetener
  • Stevia: derived from a plant, this is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, but doesn’t add calories
  • Sukrin: another natural product, made from sugar alcohol

However you’re getting your sweetness this Christmas, we at Naturally Good Food wish you a very sweet Christmas!

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