Warming winter spices: for the cockles of your heart

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In the depths of winter, with cold, drizzle and general murk all around, you need something to fire up your boiler. Something to make your throttle roar. Something to reach right down to the cockles of your heart and wrap them up in a big squishy duvet of warmth.

We've got the best warming winter spices

There’s nothing that does the trick quite like spices – and especially like the organic spices sold by Naturally Good Food. Potent, vibrant, and rich in colour and flavour, a pinch of these packs a powerful punch!

All the most wonderfully warming winter dishes include spices. They don’t just pep up a dish, they genuinely pep you up too. They’re packed with a variety of compounds with extraordinary health benefits, giving your body the boost it needs to power on through till spring.

Here’s Naturally Good Food’s list of the top five warming winter spices – along with recipes for the best, most comforting, most rib-sticking, most cockle-warming dishes to put them in.


Rich in antioxidants, cloves bring a sweet, astringent and powerfully warming touch to a dish or drink. Try them in this hot, fragrant chai latte. Packed full of other spices on our shelves too, it’s warming to the very tips of your toes.


Not the kind of spartan gingerbread that cracks and splinters, but the thick, squashy, spicy, cake-like gingerbread that accompanies a curl-up on a sofa by a roaring log fire.

We love Nigella’s Guinness gingerbread recipe. Don’t stint on the fat and sugar, and don’t, whatever you do, use inferior ginger. Organic ginger is packed with the compound gingerol, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, and gives a real warming kick.


Cinnamon features in almost every ‘Christmassy’ pudding, but here’s a great savoury use for it instead – bringing a touch of sweetness and spice to a vegan ‘bolognaise’ that’s greatly appreciated by children as well as adults.


Chilli works by releasing endorphins, which block pain, blast away sniffles and generally make you feel happy, whatever the weather. This recipe for a toe-tinglingly spicy tomato soup takes everyone’s favourite lunchtime meal to a whole new level.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is a type of moderately hot chilli pepper that brings a sweet, slightly elusive, spicy warmth when sprinkled on dishes. Like a pair of reindeer earmuffs, it’s a little extra to your winter dish/outfit, rather than the main event – but might just be the thing that makes all the difference. It works brilliantly on top of the breadcrumbs in a classic bean bake, for instance – and gives an addictive twist to our supremely comforting macaroni cheese recipe. You’ll note that it doesn’t feature in the actual ingredients list of either of these recipes, however: use it as a secret ingredient!

There are other wintery spices out there too: turmeric, the famous anti-inflammatory; garam masala and cumin for fragrant curries; allspice, mixed spice and nutmeg for a hint of warmth in baking – to name just a few. We’re well-known for all our spices at Naturally Good Food. We stock only organic varieties, with their vibrant colours and bright flavours. We sell them in bulk packs and in much smaller bags – for caterers and for home-cooks. For everyone, in fact, who feels just a bit like curling up on a hearthrug and purring like a cat.

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