What are Sayer dates?

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You won’t see them on our website – but you might see this name on your packet of non-organic dates from Naturally Good Food. What does it mean? What are Sayer dates?

Do you know what Sayer dates are?

Sayer dates

‘Sayer’ is a variant of ‘sayir’, which translates as ‘common’ in Arabic. These are ‘common dates’ – or one of the most popular dates – and are grown almost exclusively in the Khuzetan province of Iran. They’re dark brown, long and oval in shape and soft and syrupy inside. Also known as stamaran, saamaran or samberun dates, they’re a really good ‘go-to’ date and deservedly popular.

These dates are great to have as a snack, straight from the packet. You can also use them in cooking, in both sweet and savoury dishes. They’re a useful ‘treat’ for children – much better for them than a sweet, but just as scrumptious.

Looking for a different date?

At Naturally Good Food we stock all kinds of dates. As well as the Sayer dates, we sell organic dates from Tunisia, which we pack ourselves. These are the Deglet Noor variety (meaning ‘Date of Light’). We’re biased, of course, but we do think these are some of the very nicest dates money can buy! They’re sweet and slightly sticky and taste just like a toffee: a toffee, that is, that’s especially good for you – these dates are rich in potassium, iron and calcium and in vitamins A, C, E, K and B-6. They’re great for snacking on and are absolutely unbeatable in Sticky Toffee Pudding.

We’ve also got Ready to Eat organic dates from Crazy Jack. These are partially rehydrated dates, meaning that they’re softer than the NGF variety. They’re perfect for munching on from the pack or for adding to the breakfast table.

Our Aseel dates, meanwhile, are thinner-skinned and sweeter than the Deglet Noor variety, making them a really useful date for cooking with.

But if you’re cooking and need small pieces of fruit, it’s our chopped organic dates you should turn to. These are tiny squares of fruity sweetness, lightly coated in rice flour to stop them sticking.

The Date of your Dreams?

For the ultimate in luxury, we’d recommend our Medjool dates. They’re expensive, yes, but worth every penny. Unthinkably rich and succulent, these are real special occasion, date-night dates. See them here.

To see all our dates, click here.

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