Alternative roast dinners – for vegans

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You’re vegan, but you really fancy a roast dinner: what are you going to do? And how can Naturally Good Food help you?

There are a number of ways you can achieve your dream! Whether you’re a vegan yourself, or catering for the unexpected arrival of a vegan at Sunday lunch, it’s not as hard as you might think to have the full Roast Dinner experience – without any animal products whatsoever.


Let’s get gravy out of the way first. The meat in a roast dinner might seem like the main event, but really, it’s the thick gravy covering everything that’s star of the show for us. Gravy is traditionally made from the juices of the meat, but there are a host of wonderful vegan gravy alternatives out there. If you’re interested in making your own vegan gravy from scratch, then check out this recipe: or Jamie Oliver’s Christmas version, made with port and blackcurrant jam:

If you need a short-cut, then try one of these gravy powders – all suitable for vegans:

The trimmings

If you’re making a roast dinner for lots of people, meat-eaters and vegans alike, then remember that so long as you don’t use non-vegan fat, dairy produce or meat juices to cook any of the trimmings, all of those will be fine for your vegan guests too. So hold back on the goose fat for the roast potatoes – extra-virgin olive oil works a treat, instead. Don’t dot the parsnips with butter – a honey-citrussy dressing can be a wonderful alternative (see here: And if you’re determined to include cauliflower cheese, why not check out this vegan cheese sauce alternative:

Free and Easy dairy-free cheese sauce mix

Yorkshire puddings, meanwhile, can be made with dairy-free fat, a dairy-free milk of your choice (we’d recommend soya or almond) and the Orgran egg replacer.

The main event

But what’s going to be the centrepiece of your vegan roast dinner? Well, many vegans would protest that you don’t actually need to find something to take the place of a slab of meat. If you make a wonderful array of vegetable dishes, a little bit of everything can be a wholly satisfying meal. But if you are interested in a ‘big dish’, then here are some fantastic ideas:

Mushroom and merlot pasties (

Chestnut and cashew nut roast (

Baked portobello mushrooms with cranberry and pistachio stuffing (

Lentil quinoa loaf (

Vegan haggis stuffed peppers (

Cider and barley stuffed tomatoes (

Borlotti and red wine pie with kale mash (

And we could go on…and on….

These ideas are mostly taken from this blog: Read it all to find enough to keep you in vegan centrepieces for the rest of your days!


And finally – what are you having for dessert? Something hearty and filling? Well, you’ll need custard too. Try one of these:

Whatever you fancy for lunch, we hope these ideas can help you (or your cook) make it the best it can possibly be. To see our full vegan range at Naturally Good Food, click here.

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