Is sucanat the same as rapadura?

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We sell lots of sucanat at Naturally Good Food. But what exactly is it? And – as we’re sometimes asked – is it the same thing as rapadura (which we also sell)?

Sucanat is a brand name (it’s a contraction of ‘sucre de canne naturel’ – or sugar of the natural cane). It’s pure, dried sugar cane juice. The juice is extracted from the cane, heated and cooled, to produce small, grainy crystals. It’s sometimes described as ‘whole cane sugar’, because it retains its molasses content, giving it a particularly delicious pronounced taste (and a wealth of vitamins and minerals).

Sucanat and rapadura come from sugar cane

Made from pure sugar cane juice: sucanat and rapadura

Rapadura is exactly the same thing! It’s simply a different name (originating in Brazil) for the same kind of sugar. Just like sucanat, rapadura is made from pure sugar cane juice, which has been extracted from the cane and then evaporated. It too retains its molasses content and has small grainy crystals.

(And let’s complicate things further – this type of sugar goes by different names in other places round the world: panela, panocha, piloncillo, chanaca, jaggery….

It doesn’t matter what you call it, of course. A sugar-rose by any other name would taste as sweet….!)

Why does my sucanat look different this time?

Our sucanat and our rapadura don’t always look exactly the same. Their appearance (and granularity) varies according to the exact sugar cane variety used, the weather and other farming conditions. One batch may be darker than another; one may be a great deal ‘dryer’. All that we sell is organic, however.

Is sucanat good to use?

Organic sucanat and rapadura are very popular sugars in the Naturally Good Food range. We sell them in a range of sizes: small (500g), mid-bulk (5kg) and bulk (20kg). They’re bought both by individuals and by caterers (some coffee shops swear by them, for their flavour and texture).

No sugar is strictly a health food, but unlike refined sugars, which contain nothing worth eating beyond the calories, sucanat and rapadura have a good vitamin and mineral content, providing us with magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins. Being unrefined, they’re metabolized within our bodies much more slowly than white sugar and therefore affect our own blood sugar levels less.

They also taste delicious: rich and dark, with a hint of treacle and caramel. These aren’t subtle sugars – you’re not going to want to put them in your Victoria sponge. But for spicy gingerbread, gooey flapjacks, deeply chocolate puddings and the most flavoursome marinades, they’re absolutely ideal. And if you must put sugar in your tea or coffee, it may as well be the best sugar available!

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