Brand-new vegan: where to start?

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Decided to become vegan? For health reasons? Ethical reasons? Environmental reasons? Or for a dare?! Whatever your motivation, we’re here today to welcome brand-new vegans to Naturally Good Food – and to a whole new world of nutrition.

Are you a brand new vegan wondering where to start?

Hello, brand new vegan!

Where to start?

We’re going to let the Veganuary website guide you through the process – we’ll be right beside you! If you’ve just become vegan, you’re in good company this month: Veganuary is a period of 30 days dedicated to all things vegan. It’s a campaign that asks people to go vegan just for one month – in the hope, of course, that they’ll stay on board afterwards.

First of all, take the pledge

It’s not as scary as it sounds! Make a firm commitment to the Veganuary challenge by clicking on the Take the Pledge button on the homepage. You’ll arrive at a screen asking for your details. Sign up and the Veganuary team will send you daily emails containing recipes, meal plans and helpful tips on subjects like ‘where to get your nutrients’ and ‘how to stock your cupboards’. They’ll email you interesting reads on the background to veganism, covering health, animal welfare and environmental issues. You’ll be eligible for special offers, too.

You can choose the start date for your pledge – I love the fact that it can be delayed to ‘give you time to finish your cheese’.

Get your starter kit

Next, click on ‘Get your starter kit’. This isn’t, as you might imagine, a jiffy-bag of tofu and nutritional yeast sent to your door. It’s a virtual starter kit, with all the information you need to make going vegan easy. It’s the website in a nutshell – and it’s full of tempting clicks:

Accidentally Vegan products: you’re probably already eating vegan to some degree – find out what you don’t have to give up here.

Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen vegetable checklist – what does the doctor recommend, for top nutrition? (I’m pleased to say he seems to have scanned the NGF shelves.)

Local vegan social groups: we have three members of staff at Naturally Good Food who had never heard of one another until they met at a local vegan group and became friends – and later, work colleagues. They have a great social life! Find people who believe what you believe… (The Tartan Carrot is the group with the best name.)

Nutrition in a nutshell: all you need to know to make sure you don’t miss out on any vital elements.

Top-rated vegan books and films: polemics, inspiring speeches and vegan films (does not include Titanic).

Vegan baking guide: featuring those amazing vegan meringues from the Great British Bake-Off!

There are also eating out tips, a guide to reading vegan labels, a list of food essentials and some

menu plans. In short, there’s absolutely everything you need to go vegan for one whole month.

Get your argumentative ducks in a row

If you’re going to go vegan, you’d better prepare yourself emotionally too – because while you’ll get a lot of support from like-minded friends and the Veganuary team, you’re almost certainly going to encounter a few arguments too. You’ll be accused of all kinds of things: being difficult, being hypocritical, jumping on a trend, and so on. It’s as well to be prepared.

If you’re just dealing with people who are worried that veganism isn’t healthy, then you can use the Veganuary nutritional information to back up your decision. For those who want a big row, however, you might need some more ammunition. For that reason, I think the most important parts of the starter pack might well be these myth-busting sections:

The Vegan People section – and the Vegan News – parts of the website are also worth a look. The first section tells inspiring stories, by video, of various people and their reasons for going vegan. Sometimes, other people can put it better than you can yourself! The Vegan News, meanwhile, is a collection of really good articles and blogs, covering a number of interesting and contentious angles.

And then…get yourself over to Naturally Good Food

The Veganuary website can do almost everything for you, as a vegan. But at some point, you’ll have to stop reading and actually get out there, buy some vegan ingredients and make some vegan food. Whether you’re following a Veganuary meal-plan or going off-piste by yourself, you’ll need easy access to the best vegan ingredients.

That’s where we come in. Naturally Good Food has a dedicated Vegan section, with all the raw ingredients you’ll need for your brand-new diet. Tofu? Check! Almonds? Got them. Dairy-free milks, creams, custards, chocolate and desserts? No problem. Plant-based oils, pulses, high-protein grains, natural supplements – and so much more? We’re on it. We’ve also got all the things you need for the very best vegan baking. Wherever the Veganuary website mentions an ingredient or foodstuff, you can be sure Naturally Good Food has your back. Click here to see and order them all!

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