Uncertain times? Buy in bulk!

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There’s no doubt that we’re currently living in interesting times. If you’re looking for a little extra security, you might be thinking about buying a few staple items in bulk. We’re experts in bulk shopping – perhaps we’ve got just what you need?

Get your bulk supplies in, for security

There are many good reasons to buy in bulk, of course. Firstly, pound-for-pound, it’s by far the cheapest way to get your organic, natural and free from products from us. We offer significant bulk discounts on our largest pack and box sizes. Where a product is only available in small sizes, we’ll give you a standard 10% case discount. If you know that you’re going to steadily work your way through a bag of rice, sugar, toilet roll or similar, then buying in a larger size makes economic sense.

Buying in bulk also works out better for the environment. It means that we don’t need to repack a bulk bag into smaller packages, thus saving on the use of materials. In addition, the delivery vehicles bringing goods to our customers’ doors will be making the best use of their delivery space, rather than making a number of trips with a series of smaller packages.

And of course, buying in bulk brings peace of mind (at all times, not just right now!). If you’re a caterer or run a home-baking business – or even if you just have a large and busy family life – knowing that you’ve got plenty of a staple ingredient in your store cupboard is reassuring.

Our bulk stock comes with a very reasonable shelf-life. If shelf-life is a particular concern, do get in touch so that we can make sure we meet your requirements.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve got in our bulk section!

Bulk wholefoods

Wholefoods, the basis of a healthy diet, are some of the best things to buy in bulk. These are the kinds of foods you’re going to need every day. We don’t sell fresh food at Naturally Good Food, meaning that everything we DO sell can be stored for a reasonable length of time. We specialise in bulk purchases of wholefoods, keeping hundreds of business and personal customers happy and secure!

In our Wholefoods section, we’ve got bulk nuts, seeds and dried fruit. These can be stored in the fridge to keep them in good condition and, in the case of our nuts and seeds, can also be frozen.

We’ve also got bulk grains, rice, oats, quinoa, pulses (beans, chickpeas and lentils), flour and muesli. Again, many of these can be cooked and then frozen, for easy use. These highly nutritious staples can keep a family (or a restaurant’s customers) going for months!

Bulk other foods

As well as our core range, we’ve got other useful products in bulk. If you bake regularly, or on a large scale, you’ll no doubt be interested in our bulk bags of sugar (of all possible kinds and provenance) and syrups. Don’t forget ingredients like cocoa powder, marzipan, suet and vanilla extract either, again all available in bulk.

Our larger sizes of nut butters are ever-popular, as are our catering packs of chocolate and our drums of coconut oil (as well as our larger bottles of other cold-pressed oils).

And what about soya chunks and mince in bulk? Salt? Vinegar? We’ve got all the dried, nutritious foodstuffs you’ll need!

Bulk household cleaners

As well as foodstuffs, we stock a huge range of household cleaners in bulk. These allow you to refill smaller bottles and sprays easily and in a planet-friendly manner. Check out our toilet cleaners in bulk, washing up liquid in bulk and various bulk laundry products.

Bulk toiletries

Similarly, we stock bulk options and refills for personal cleansing soaps, shampoos and bath products. You might also like to stock up on our entirely plastic-free (cotton-based) baby and intimate care wipes and our natural sanitary products too.

Bulk everything!

In short, with our special ‘bulk’ prices and our standard 10% case discount, you can ‘bulk-buy’ pretty much all of our products. In uncertain times, this might – perhaps – provide a small measure of security in the bumpy weeks ahead.

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