Ten ways to reduce your environmental impact, with NGF

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Are you looking to tread a little more lightly? Come and join us – we’re doing the same. We like to think of ourselves as a ‘deep green’ company, working in harmony with our environment. We’ve come up with ten ways in which shopping with Naturally Good Food can help you reduce your own environmental impact.

Are you looking to tread a little more lightly? We can help.

Keep your hands clean

We all want clean bodies – but we’d also like clean hands, ethically speaking! Naturally Good Food has sought out toiletries by companies that make a positive environmental commitment. We have female sanitary products from Natracare that are plastic-free and biodegradable, ‘to leave a soft footprint on the earth’. We’ve also got baby and personal care wipes made from cotton, rather than plastic: they’re biodegradable and compostable and are free from parabens, SLS, synthetic preservatives and chlorine.

Moving up, we’ve got a fantastic range of environmentally friendly shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, soaps, bath and shower gels from companies including Faith in Nature and Green People. These companies are dedicated to the use of natural ingredients, harvested in an environmentally sustainable manner.

For the most sensitive of skin, meanwhile, we have an extensive range of children’s toiletries, which includes biodegradable nappies and nappy sacks. Green People and Beaming Baby are the big names here, with Simply Gentle for organic cotton wool of all kinds.

Finally, don’t forget our toothpastes from Green People and Kingfisher (a company that works to minimize its impact on the environment) and our natural deodorants, made without aluminium, from Pitrok and Lavera.

Keep your house (and the environment) clean

It’s no good being clean and fresh yourself, but spraying your household with a toxic mix of chemicals. Instead of these, Naturally Good Food has found an environmentally friendly alternative for virtually every purpose you can think of. The big names in our Household products range include Ecover, Ecoleaf, Faith in Nature, Bio D, If You Care and Suma. From these companies, we’ve got biodegradable bags, loo roll and kitchen roll. We’ve got unbleached cupcake cases and baking parchment, biodegradable sandwich bags, recycled aluminium foil and non-toxic firelighters. We’ve got everything you might ever want to stick down your toilet or in your dishwasher, everything you could ever need for your laundry and everything you can possibly think of to clean and polish every single surface in your house.

Or, of course, you can make your own household cleaning products, using just the basic ingredients you’ll find on our shelves. Our blog Organic toiletry and household hacks from NGF tells you just how to go about keeping your house (and yourself) clean, without splashing out on branded products.

Shop organic

Naturally Good Food started out as an organic business and it’s where our heart still lies. Organic farming supports the health of our soils, our waterways and our atmosphere. Harmful pesticides and artificial fertilisers are prohibited, so wildlife flourishes, with its varied habitats protected. In turn, this wildlife contributes to the delicately balanced ecosystems that strengthen our soil and our crops.

With pesticide use severely restricted, ‘run off’ into waterways is greatly limited (and the most harmful substances are completely banned). Strong soils also serve as carbon sinks, helping to combat rising carbon levels in the atmosphere.

We love eating organic, thinking organic and writing about organic matters at Naturally Good Food. See our blogs Save our soil (and our planet) with the Soil Association and The birds and the bees: eat organic to protect wildlife for more of our thoughts.

And, of course, check out our extensive Organic range, which covers toiletries and household goods, as well as food.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk makes sense financially – and also in environmental terms. Buying a 5kg bag of rice, sugar or oats, for instance, uses significantly less packaging material than five 1kg bags of the same. Transportation costs are likely to be reduced too, as you’ll need to receive fewer packages throughout the year.

We encourage our customers to buy in bulk wherever they can – from 2.5kg bags right up to 25kg sacks (or drums of oil and syrup). See our full bulk-buying section here.

Recycle, reuse, reduce

We have an ethical packaging policy at Naturally Good Food. It’s not (quite) perfect, but it’s getting there! We re-use cardboard boxes from our suppliers and pack your orders in recyclable and biodegradable materials (including boxes, bags, packaging noodles, clingfilm and tape, wherever possible). We encourage you, in your turn, to reuse these materials wherever you can.

Vegan – or flexitarian?

We sell a lot of vegan products and have many vegan customers. There’s a strong argument that veganism is extremely good for the environment – you can read what the Vegan Society has to say about that here: ‘How your diet could change the world’. There are dissenting voices, however, and we ourselves are not a vegan company. But we’re happy with the argument that reducing our consumption of meat is in general a good thing. The production of 1 kg beef reportedly releases 13.3 kg of CO2, compared with 0.55kg of CO2 for the same quantity of apples. A report in the journal Nature recently urged all of us to go ‘flexitarian’ to stop environmental catastrophe.

You can see our dedicated vegan range here. If you’re flexitarian, you’ll probably be interested in our Wholefoods section too.

Buy Fairtrade

Fairtrade is about trading and business mechanisms first and foremost, but it also takes into account issues of sustainability and environmental damage. Crop production stands no chance of success if it’s not sustainable – and that means protecting the environment in which the crops are produced. The Fairtrade premium is also used to improve the environment around the local producers: upgrading machinery and vehicles to limit pollution, improving waterways to manage flooding, providing better building materials to increase fuel-efficiency, and so on.

You can see Naturally Good Food’s Fairtrade products here.

Know your weight in the world

One of the best bits of environmental advice I ever read was that we should all ‘know our own weight in the world’. It’s easy to jump in a car, or on a train or plane, without giving any thought to the consequences. It’s equally easy to switch on a tumble-dryer, take a malfunctioning microwave to the tip or turn the heating up a notch without thinking through all the implications. This website https://www.myclimate.org is a good way of working out how much of a carbon footprint our activities might leave.

Wise up!

We all need to pay attention to environmental discussions. And at Naturally Good Food we continually recommend weighing up different points of view. With environmental matters, as with questions of nutrition, the voices that shout the loudest aren’t necessarily giving the full picture. Read, research and question everything – and keep reading our well-balanced blogs, of course!

Shop NGF!

In a messy and complicated world, it can be nice to have someone hold your hand. Naturally Good Food buys products from companies that are determined to make a positive environmental impact. We strive to be as green as possible ourselves: on our base deep in the countryside, we have ground-source heating, a bio-digester for waste and solar panels for our electricity needs.

Surrounded by nature, we strive to live in harmony with it – and we invite our customers to join us.

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