Flippin’ fantastic gluten-free pancakes

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It’s Pancake Day and it doesn’t matter if you’re gluten-free: we’ve got flippin’ fantastic pancakes that will suit you and everyone else who’s eating with you! We’ve been advising customers on the best gluten-free pancake recipes and ingredients for years. This year we’re going to round up all our best ideas and give them to you on a plate. We’ve managed to find a pancake recipe for every single one of our gluten-free flours!

How do you like your gluten-free pancakes?

Gluten-free flours

Naturally Good Food has an unrivalled selection of gluten-free flours, and you can use every single one of them to make pancakes! You might have your own personal preference (or might just have a pack of gluten-free flour you’re trying to use up). You might prefer the taste or texture of one flour over another, or be looking for a nutritional element found in greater quantities in one particular type. Here’s our comprehensive list of flours – and a pancake recipe for each of them!

Almond flour (ground almonds): a simple one to start you off.

Brown rice flour: buttermilk and brown rice pancakes

Buckwheat flour: buckwheat pancakes with fresh berry sauce

Cassava (tapioca) flour: thick, fluffy cassava flour pancakes

Chestnut flour: chestnut flour pancakes with orange blossom coconut yoghurt

Chickpea flour (gram flour): spicy, savoury Indian chickpea pancakes

Coconut flour: fluffy coconut flour pancakes (which apparently taste like doughnuts!)

Corn flour (maize): cornmeal pancakes with strawberry compote

Fava bean flour: Hodmedod’s has a range of pancake recipes using this bean flour and its two pea flours.

Green pea flour: see https://hodmedods.co.uk/blogs/recipes/simple-but-delicious-pulse-pancakes

Yellow pea flour: see https://hodmedods.co.uk/blogs/recipes/simple-but-delicious-pulse-pancakes

Quinoa flour: crispy-on-the-outside quinoa flour pancakes

Hemp flour: you’ll struggle to use hemp flour (or hemp protein powder) on its own to make pancakes, so most recipes incorporate another type of flour, such as almond flour or brown rice flour. This recipe here makes deeply chocolatey pancakes, in which the hemp provides a dark, nutty edge.

Soya flour: a nice and easy recipe, with sour cream and linseed

Teff flour: traditional Ethiopian teff injera flatbread pancakes, with a spongy appearance.

Completely flourless pancakes

Is it possible to make completely flourless pancakes? Apparently so! Check out these recipes.

Flourless banana pancakes: with coconut oil and ground flaxseed

Flourless applesauce and oat pancakes: (the recipe calls one ingredient ‘oat flour’, but it’s essentially bashed up porridge oats).

Gluten-free pancake mixes

You might like to make things even easier, by using one of our gluten-free pancake mixes. They’ve been specially formulated, tried and tested to give you superb gluten-free pancakes. Here’s what we’ve got.

Amisa buckwheat pancake mix: also with wholegrain rice, millet and teff flours. This makes lovely thick pancakes and, as the mix contains no sugar, can be used for savoury purposes too (add your own sugar or syrup to sweeten). You’ll need to add egg and milk too – or non-dairy milk and leave out the egg.

Orgran buckwheat pancake mix: also with tapioca, maize and potato starches and rice flour. This is another good, thick, unsweetened pancake mix. Simply add egg and milk to the mix – or, if you’re avoiding dairy/animal products, use Orgran No Egg egg replacer and a non-dairy milk or oil.

Orgran apple and cinnamon pancake mix: naturally sweet from the dried apple, with a subtle hint of spice, this mix is based on maize starch and flour, with potato and tapioca starches and yellow pea flour too.

If you’re looking for a simple gluten-free flour mix, we’d recommend our plain gluten-free flour from Doves Farm, which is a mixture of rice, potato, tapioca, maize and buckwheat flours – and is just right for pancakes.

The great thing about these mixes is that they make pancakes with real flavour and real nutritional value of their own. They’re not just bland vehicles for a topping.


But speaking of toppings…once you’ve got your base sorted, you can put pretty much any topping you like on a pancake. Sugar, syrup, ice-cream, whipped cream, melted chocolate, chopped pistachios and rosewater  – everyone has a favourite. See our blog Flippin’ great pancake toppings for ideas ranging from the everyday to the sheerly luxurious.

Happy Gluten-free Pancake Day!

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