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Honesty. Integrity. Care.

Naturally Good Food is an ethical company. We were founded on firm ethics and we put these above profit. We’d like to tell you a little more about them.

We'd like to tell you about our ethics.


We’re honest. Every day, customers phone or email us to ask about our packaging, our products’ countries of origin, the organic status of certain products and similar. We are always completely honest in response. If a product arrived in our building packed in plastic, we’ll tell you (rather than quickly repacking it ourselves in paper). If we’ve received dried pulses from a country you’re not keen to buy from, we won’t pretend they came from elsewhere. Honesty is thoroughly ingrained in the business: it’s what we deliver.


We work with integrity. We have strong values and do our very best to live up to them. We’re honest, too, about the ways in which we’re not perfect ourselves. We’re aware of the complexity of many ethical issues, the difficulty of being certain that a product or company actually does what it says on the tin, and the danger of ‘making the best the enemy of the good’. We’re happy to discuss our values with our customers and explain the decisions we make.


Where we can, we stock:

  • Organic products
  • Fairtrade and ethically produced products
  • Cruelty-free products
  • Environmentally friendly products

Organic products

We started as an organic business and continue to focus on organic products, for reasons of taste, nutrition and the environment. We also sell non-organic products: sometimes, a certified organic product isn’t available, or our customers aren’t interested in or can’t afford an organic option. We’d rather these customers didn’t give up on eating wholefoods altogether and therefore cater for them too.

Fairtrade and ethically produced products

We like to stock products from companies that go the extra mile, ethically. We’re always keen to find out more about the background of the companies and brands we stock and have, in the past, stopped ordering brands where we’ve heard about dubious ethical practices. However, we’re not ‘on the ground’ on plantations or in factories. We receive almost all our products from three main suppliers: Infinity Foods, Community Foods and Queenswood Natural Foods. While all three operate their own ethical buying practices, they do constitute another layer between us and the actual producers.

Cruelty-free products

We stock household cleaners and toiletries that carry the logos of the Vegan Society or of the Leaping Bunny. We’re not specifically a vegan company, but have many vegan customers and a dedicated range of vegan products.

Environmentally friendly: our customers

We’re keen to encourage our customers to buy in bulk. This is the cheapest option and means that our products are accessible to the largest number of people. It’s almost always the most environmentally friendly option, with a reduction in packaging and transportation costs.

Environmentally friendly: our business

Naturally Good Food on a sunny day

Visitors to our site exclaim over its gentle beauty, with its sweeping horizons and eco-buildings embedded in farmland. We’re not far from a major road network (that’s how we manage to do business at all), but looking out over the expanse of fields, river and trees from our windows, we feel much more connected to the earth our products were grown in than we do to the cities they’re often destined for. With hares, stoats, swans, buzzards and farm animals counted almost among our colleagues, we can see for ourselves the importance of protecting the natural world.

We therefore strive to be ‘green’ in all our own practices. We use ground-source heating, a bio-digester for waste and solar panels for our electricity requirements. Naturally, we recycle whatever we can.

We’re also as green as we can be in our packaging choices, recycling and reusing old packaging and sourcing biodegradable options for everything possible, including clingfilm, packing noodles and cellophane bags. You can read our full packaging policy here.

More on our ethics

For a more in-depth discussion of our ethics, including some of the dilemmas and difficulties we face, see our blog Fairtrade Fortnight: just how ethical are we really?

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