10 raisins to be cheerful!

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In these troubled and demoralising times, we all need reminding of some raisins to be cheerful. Here are ten of them! Can’t decide on a particular option? How about a series of indicative votes, to help make up your mind?

Don't despair - we've got lots of raisins to be cheerful!

Raisin 1: the organic

Our organic raisins are packed under our own organic licence, branded as ‘Naturally Good Food’. These are the best straightforward raisins we can source. They’re rich, fruity and juicy – completely different to the shrivelled little things you find in supermarket cardboard boxes. We’ve got them in a range of pack sizes, from 500g up to full boxes of 12.5kg. They come from Turkey (usually) and have more sun stored up in them than many people in the UK see in a year.

Raisin 2: the flame

Black Flame jumbo raisins, from Chile, large and seedless, sound rather like the bad boys of the raisin family. As it happens, however, they’re some of the very sweetest around. (Think Hells Angels and kittens.)

Raisin 3: the Ozzie

Lexia raisins are a variety of extra-large, seeded Muscatel raisins, sourced from Australia. They’re famous for their deep brown colour as well as their size. They’ll stop anyone whinging.

Raisin 4: the purple

Black raisins aren’t actually black, but more a deep purplish-brown in colour. They’re large, plump and glossy in appearance.

Raisin 5: the select

Not interested in an organic variety (or just saving your pennies)? We like these non-organic select raisins too. They’re nice and juicy, lightly dressed with vegetable oil to prevent them clumping in transit.

Raisin 6: the golden

Golden raisins are a bit of a tricky raisin to pin down. Our blog here explains it all. For some people, golden raisins are raisins that have been dipped in sulphur dioxide whilst drying, to give them a particularly rich colour. For others, golden raisins are derived from particular varieties of grapes (sun-dried Black Monukka or Sultana seedless). For others – and particularly in American recipe books – ‘golden raisin’ is simply another term for ‘sultana’. Fortunately, we sell those – you can see all our mellow, delicious sultanas here.

Raisin 7: the trail mix

It’s seemingly impossible to conceive of trail mix without raisins: they’re the bedrock of all successful nibbling. Our Goji berry High Energy trail mix from Infinity, and our bulk packs of trail mix, all have a healthy proportion of raisins.

Raisin 8: the muesli mix

Stick whatever else you like in it, it hardly counts as muesli if it hasn’t got a good serving of raisins. Check out our various types of muesli here, to make sure you get just what you need.

Raisin 9: the fruity mix

Working to a precise and not-very-secret recipe and ratio, we create our own mixed fruit packs at Naturally Good Food, where organic raisins mingle with bright little currants and juicy sultanas. These are especially in demand at Christmastime, but if you’re in need of something sustaining and cheering right now, then you could do worse than buy a pack and make a great big fruit cake or steamed pudding with it.

Raisin 10: the chocolate

We sell milk-chocolate-coated raisins and frankly, if they don’t cheer you up, nothing will.

Utterly raisonable

We love raisins at Naturally Good Food. Rich in iron and a great source of fibre, they’re also high in calcium and phytonutrient antioxidants. They’re wonderfully sweet to eat, without any added sugars, and make a highly versatile ingredient in all manner of cooking, both sweet and savoury. There’s almost no meal, no day, no situation that can’t be made more cheerful by the addition of a few raisins. For us, they’re truly a raisin d’etre!

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