The coolest of drinks, for the hottest of days

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Picture the scene: a table in the shade of a leafy tree, a glass jug, condensation running gently down the outside, bubbles popping delicately inside, packed with juicy, delicious, ice-cold refreshment. For the hottest of days – and that’s pretty much right now  – you need the coolest of drinks. We’ve got some ideas!

Thinking of a long, cool drink?

Home-made lemonade: the quick way

For those days when hot weather springs up on you by surprise, here’s a recipe for a super-quick, wonderfully refreshing drink. To make this, think in terms of equal quantities and then double, triple or further increase the number of cups you use, depending on how many thirsty people you’re catering for.

Take a cup of cold water, a cup of lemon juice and a cup of sugar. Dissolve the sugar in the water and then add the lemon juice. Test to see if it’s too tart or sweet and adjust the flavours accordingly. Add some soda water to give it some fizz!

Home-made lemonade: the old-fashioned way

Just right for a heatwave lasting more than one day, this recipe makes perhaps the very nicest lemonade there is.

Take 6 large lemons and peel and juice them (take care not to include the bitter pith with the zest). Put the juice and zest in a bowl with 5oz of white sugar and cover with 2 ½ pints of boiling water. Set it aside somewhere cool overnight. In the morning, test it and adjust the flavours to taste – add more sugar if you think it’s too sour, or more water if the flavour is too intense. To make it fizzy, add soda water gradually. A few slices of lemon, some sprigs of mint and plenty of ice provide the perfect finishing touches.

Ice-cold juices

We sell lemon, orange, apple, pear and blackcurrant cordials, squashes and concentrates from Rocks. These superior, organic drinks are best summed up by their manufacturer:

“All our drinks are 100% ‘squished’.  We work with only the finest fruit growers and squash real fruit using our ‘squisher’ – a special machine that literally squashes and squeezes all the fruity goodness out of each and every piece of fruit. You will find that our squashes are more pulpy than usual.  This is because we squish all the fruit and the pulp, especially in lemon and orange squashes, where the whole fruit is used, including the fibre.  Using all the fruit means we don’t need artificial flavours.

We only use real sugar.  You won’t find artificial sweeteners in any of our drinks, ever.  Indeed, you won’t find any ‘nasties’ in our drinks, just fruit, sugar, water and bucket loads of taste.  We only produce great-tasting, honest drinks that burst with energy and natural fruit flavour.”

Serve in a long glass, with ice.

Elderflower cordial

Belvoir Elderflower cordial makes a lovely, fresh spritzer when mixed with white wine or sparkling water. It’s also fabulous in a summery sorbet. If you’ve got an elderflower bush in your garden and fancy making your own, see our blog here.

Coconut water

Iced, rehydrating – and both totally cool and (right now) totally hot. For some time, coconut water has been the big name in natural hydration. It’s the water found inside coconuts, and it’s low in calories, has no fat or cholesterol and is rich in potassium. It’s often taken by athletes as a natural kind of ‘energy drink’; it’s thought to rest easier on the stomach than plain water after a bout of exercise.

A nice cup of tea?

Many people (mostly over the age of 50) will tell you that there’s nothing more refreshing than a blisteringly hot cup of tea on a sultry summer’s day. They might well be right: studies show that tea and coffee (despite the latter’s diuretic nature) are as good for hydration as cold drinks. If you’d like to check out perhaps the finest range of teas you’ll ever see, click here.

Summery super-smoothies

Thicker than the drinks above, these could make a great alternative to a proper meal in the summer months. We’ve got three of them, with full details here:

Whatever you do…

…drink! In summer, it’s even more important than usual to take in plenty of hydration. Water is the most important element within our bodies, making up around 60% of our composition, with every organ, tissue and cell depending on it. It’s generally recommended that we all drink around 6-8 glasses of water a day. In these hot days, changing one of those glasses for one of the drinks above would be a perfectly acceptable idea!

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