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In December last year, a technical defect saw a tonne of chocolate flow out of an artisanal chocolate factory in Germany, pouring onto nearby streets and setting solid. Giving a new meaning to the term ‘chocolate pavement’, firefighters had to break it apart with shovels.

If that’s the stuff of your dreams, then read on. Today is World Chocolate Day, and no-one’s pretending there’s anything other than sheer gluttony in the air!

What's USP chocolate?


USP chocolate

We love chocolate at Naturally Good Food. We’ve spent years investigating the best types to buy, eat and cook with. We’ve written thousands of words about it, investigated ethical angles, researched recipes, tested different types, and explored all the health claims made for it. And, in a world where chocolate is readily available in every corner shop in the country, we’ve carved out our own little niche. We stock USP chocolate!

That’s chocolate, of course, with a Unique Selling Point. It’s chocolate with a bit of an edge to it – chocolate that meets a very particular requirement – chocolate that’s hard to track down elsewhere. Let’s take a look!

USP: dairy-free chocolate

We’re particularly proud of our dairy-free chocolate at Naturally Good Food. It’s a product that shouldn’t really be thought of as ‘alternative’ at all – there’s no need to use dairy products to make chocolate of any kind, and the dairy-free brands we stock have fine-tuned their recipes to make sure that they taste spectacularly good. Many contain some very imaginative ingredients, such as hemp seeds and coconut blossom sugar. There’s nothing hair-shirt about these treats!

Many dairy-free chocolates are made with rice milk, which gives a lovely creaminess. Others use coconut milk, which brings a richness. We’ve got dairy-free dark chocolate, of course, with a deliberately bitter edge to it. But we’ve also got dairy-free ‘milk’ chocolate, which might appeal more to children, and we’ve managed to track down dairy-free ‘white’ chocolate, made with rice milk. We’re pleased to stock a great selection of dairy-free baking chocolates of all kinds.

Check out our range from Moo Free, Plamil, Organica and the famous Booja Booja here.

USP: gluten-free chocolate

Chocolate doesn’t contain gluten itself, of course, but so many of the things made with it do! We’re therefore particularly pleased to be able to bring chocolate cake mixes and a great selection of chocolate treats and biscuits to all those who need a ‘free from’ option. You really can’t beat Prewett’s Quadruple Chocolate Cookies for a gluten-free chocolate-y treat.

USP: organic chocolate

We don’t really want our chocolate (the food of the Gods) sullied with anything artificial. So we seek out organic chocolate wherever we can. We have loads of dairy-free organic chocolate, plenty of bulk organic chocolate, a range of unusually flavoured organic chocolates, and a stash of Fairtrade organic chocolate. Nothing, in our opinion, tastes better.

USP: DIY chocolate

Many of our customers like to make their own chocolate and need raw chocolate ingredients to do so. Our blog here Making chocolate at home – with our ingredients tells you just how to do this. You’ll need cacao butter, cacao or cocoa powder, coconut oil and a non-dairy milk, along with sugar or some kind of sweetener. We’ve got a simple recipe in that blog, along with an explanation of how the ingredients work together, and some suggestions for wonderful little extras.

USP: bulk chocolate

If you’re a caterer (or just exceptionally greedy), you’ll need our chocolate in bulk. We have a whole section dedicated to this, supplying large amounts of chocolate chips, couverture chocolate and multipacks of chocolate bars. Buying in bulk is the cheapest way to get your fix from us.

USP: unique chocolate

Once you start looking for wonderful chocolate, you won’t be able to stop. Caramelised hazelnut dairy-free chocolate? We’ve got that. Dark-chocolate-dipped mango? No problem! Raw chocolate and tropical nut spread? Buy it here!

Our chocolate round-up

We’d love to share some more of our chocolate stories with you! Immerse yourself – almost literally – in chocolate this World Chocolate Day, settling down with some of our other blogs:

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Happy World Chocolate Day!

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