Without good food, you’re doomed!

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Nutrition is not the highest thing in life. So said the ‘inventor’ of muesli, Max Bircher-Benner. He continued, however: ‘it is the soil on which the highest things either flourish or perish.’ Whatever you personally consider those ‘highest things’ to be, without a solid foundation of proper nutrition, they’re not going to succeed. Or to put it another way: without good food, you’re doomed!

Without good nutrition, you lack a firm foundation


Bircher-Brenner was a strong advocate for a diet made up of natural wholefoods – indeed, he was one of the people who laid the ground on which our own business now flourishes. Like Bircher-Benner, we know that food isn’t the whole story, but we agree that it’s the foundation. Good food and proper nutrition allow us all to get on with the more important things in life.

Here at Naturally Good Food, our aim is to provide you with the natural, wholesome building blocks for your own diet, so that whatever it is you really want to do (fell-running, competing in triathlons, enjoying a walk in the sunshine, staying fit enough to look after your grandchildren) falls into place. We want to make it easy: there’s no need to waste time and energy searching in a hundred places for healthy food – we’ve got thousands of products, covering almost every area of nutrition, all in one place.

Without good nutrition, you’re doomed!

Food is fuel for our bodies. Put the wrong type of fuel in and our bodies work badly. If we eat a diet of rubbish, we become fat. Every one of our organs and bodily functions works less efficiently. We run the risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes, of suffering from strokes, heart disease and cancer. And the more we suffer, the less we’re able to live a happy and energetic life.

Put the right type of fuel in, however, and the situation is reversed. We stay slim and maintain our health and our energy levels: we’ve got enough capacity to run, walk, climb and stay active – and our chances of developing unpleasant conditions decrease. We’re happier all round.

The building blocks of good nutrition

Here at Naturally Good Food we stock the building blocks of good nutrition. They’re the ‘soil’ for your own ‘higher things’ – the foundation of a happy and healthy life! Here’s five of them.

Fruit and vegetables

Your diet should include, ideally, ten servings of fruit and vegetables a day – and for the best range of nutrition, you should try to ‘eat a rainbow’, selecting fruit and veg of different colours. Fruit and vegetables contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. They’re well-known as a source of vitamin C, of course, which is essential for the growth and repair of tissues, but that’s by no means all they bring to the table. Each fruit and vegetable will have its own particular nutritional make-up; many contain a fair amount of folate and potassium, needed for the production of DNA and to maintain normal blood pressure. Served fresh, they’re also one of the most delicious elements of a dish. When it’s hard to track down enough fresh options, eating them dried, tinned or juiced is absolutely fine.


Grains are rarely eaten in isolation: they’re the building blocks of main meals, as well as of good nutrition. Grains bring us fibre, above all else, so long as you choose wholemeal, wholewheat and wholegrain options. They create bulk within our intestines, filling us up, so that we don’t need to take on excess calories. Their fibre keeps our bowels and digestive systems working properly, stops our blood sugar and blood pressure rising and maintains a healthy level of cholesterol.

Grains include staples such as brown rice and oats, as well as more unusual options like buckwheat and millet. Even without trying, they tend to form the basis of most of our meals – bread, for instance, is made from wheat grain, as is pastry and pasta. We need to make sure that the grain choices we make are as healthy as they can be, by opting only for grains that are whole-grain, bringing the best possible helping of fibre.


Pulses are another good basic ‘building block’ and one that in the UK, we don’t really make enough of. Counting as protein, carbohydrate and a vegetable, pulses (dried peas, beans, chickpeas and lentils) cover almost all the bases of a healthy diet in just one foodstuff. They’re fibre-rich and replete with a whole range of vitamins and minerals, particularly iron, which we need to make red blood cells.

Nuts and seeds

organic sunflower seeds

Nuts and seeds tend to get overlooked too, and yet they’re one of the easiest ways of enriching our diets. Nuts are high in protein and make a good alternative for anyone needing to reduce (or eliminate) animal protein. They’re full of fibre and absolutely packed with all kinds of minerals and vitamins. Take walnuts, for instance, bursting with antioxidants and omega fatty acids. Or almonds, with their wealth of vitamin E. Nuts are perfect snacks – and perfect additions to cooking, both sweet and savoury.

Seeds are, likewise, little powerhouses of nutrition. Easily incorporated into almost any meal, they bring protein and fibre, often for a fraction of the price of nuts. Each seed has its own unique nutritional make-up. Sunflower seeds, for instance, are rich in the B complex vitamins, while pumpkin seeds are one of the very best nutritional sources of magnesium and zinc.

Plant-based oils

Healthy fat oils the wheels of good nutrition! We sell a wonderful range of plant-based, first-cold-pressed, unrefined and extra-virgin oils at Naturally Good Food. These oils are the finest we can source, with the highest levels of nutrition. A slug of one of these in a dressing or as an ingredient isn’t a ‘naughty treat’, but a vital part of a well-balanced diet. They bring the goodness of the grain, seed or nut from which they’re derived, in a healthy, unsaturated manner.

The higher things

Our customers are all completely different, and their reasons for buying our products are completely different too. In a single hour, we might sell to a baker needing large quantities of gluten-free flour for a wedding cake, someone with a religious requirement for a certain food, a parent attempting to improve a child’s behaviour through nutrition, an inhabitant of a remote Scottish island looking to vary his diet, and a city-based office worker trying to keep the smog out of her intestines. Whatever you need it for, and whatever you really want to do in life, it all starts with the basics: good, natural nutrition – from Naturally Good Food.

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