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….well, like people have begun ordering for Christmas! Our first Christmas orders leave Naturally Good Food as early as March each year, destined for food businesses that need to have their dried fruit soaking for as long as possible before mixing it into delicious Christmas puddings and cakes.

It's time to start thinking about Christmas orders (yes, really!)

Most of our customers don’t need to get going quite so early as that. Nevertheless, from September onwards, there’s a definite upsurge in orders for our Christmas lines. Our dried fruitorganic mixed dried fruit (currants, raisins, sultanas and mixed peel) begins flying out of the door as soon as the schools go back in September. It’s closely followed by orders for all our other Christmas baking ingredients, including Lubecker marzipan and gluten-free vegetarian suet. This year, Stir-up Sunday (the day when, traditionally, Christmas puddings are mixed) falls on 24th November – but that’s far too late for many of you, we know.

Order your dried fruit now!

We stock our own special dried fruit mix of mellow organic sultanas, juicy raisins and intensely sweet currants. With the hard work of weighing out and combining done for you, this mixture, in a range of pack sizes, is ready to add to cakes, puddings and pies. It’s the best mix we’ve ever tasted.

You might be looking for other Christmassy dried fruit too, such as our organic dates, figs and prunes – or something more exotic, like dried mango, pear, papaya, goji berries, blueberries or cranberries. Click here to see our full range of dried fruit.

Order your mixed peel now!

Our organic mixed peel brings oranges and lemons, bright with the Italian sun, into your wintry kitchen. It’s a must for the brightest and best citrussy Christmas baking. We sell mixed peel in 100g, 200g and bulk packs and mix it from the individual ingredients ourselves, in our own ‘best’ ratio.

Order your vegetarian suet now!

It’s vegetarian (in fact, it’s vegan)! It’s gluten-free! And it gives some of the best, lightest, results we’ve ever encountered. We sell vegetarian gluten-free suet in small and large packs – all year round, not just at Christmas.

Order your Lubecker marzipan now!

Lubecker marzipan is the finest marzipan there is, made to the traditional almond-rich recipe of that region of Germany. This particular type of marzipan comes from the Lubeca company. It’s wonderfully fragrant, with a 52% almond content, soft and light in colour.

Order everything else you might need for Christmas now (or a little later)!

Some of our Christmas goodies haven’t yet reached our building. But here’s a little taste of what we usually have in stock at Naturally Good Food for Christmas. Make a little note now on your Christmas Excel spreadsheet (wait? That’s just me?).

Advent Calendars

Everyone deserves an advent calendar – even if they’re on a restricted diet! Come to us for your dairy-free chocolate advent calendars from Plamil and Moo Free.


Keep an eye out for organic, luxurious and Fairtrade chocolate goodies of all kinds on our shelves, including from Cocoa Loco, Booja Booja and Plamil.

Gluten-free mince pies

Being entirely honest, some gluten-free pastries are a little disappointing. Gluten-free mince-pies, however, are amazing – the slightly crumbly and very ‘short’ nature of their pastry is actually better than the mass-produced cardboard-like cases you’ll often find in standard mince pies. Rest assured, we hold a thorough tasting of mince pies before selecting the very best for our Christmas shelves.

Organic mincemeat

If you’re making your own Christmas pies and puddings, use organic mincemeat, from Infinity. It contains no added sugar and is available in either a 400g jar or a bulk 10kg pack. We’ve also got a smaller jar of organic mince pie filling, from Meridian.

Chestnut puree

Rich, luxurious and  unsweetened, we have chestnut puree that’s suitable for both sweet and savoury recipes.


Mixed nuts

We’ve got our usual year-round collection of nuts of all kinds, all ready for Christmas, including bags of mixed nuts, which are perfect for nibbling. Don’t forget to stock up on organic chestnuts too (ready-peeled).

Organic festive spices

You’ll certainly need cinnamon and nutmeg for Christmas baking – but what else? We’ve got an amazing range of organic, top-quality herbs and spices on our shelves.

Nut roasts

There’s always someone eating nut roast on Christmas Day! From Suma, we have a nut roast mix. From Artisan Grains, we’re stocking a cashew and cranberry nut roast in a ready-to-cook baking tray, as well as a variety of other nut roasts.

Stuffing mixes

We can supply you with the traditional sage and onion stuffing mix, as well as Mrs Crimble’s gluten-free version.

Cranberry sauce

We have two kinds of lovely organic cranberry sauce – fruity, but not too tart – for your traditional Christmas dinner.

So there you go – your Christmas shopping all done, in very good time, thanks to Naturally Good Food!

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