Christmas prep: we’ve got the best organic mixed peel!

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Throughout the year at Naturally Good Food, we receive 5kg cardboard boxes filled with sticky-sweet, deliciously tangy, organic orange and lemon peel. It’s sourced from La Bio Idea, who use Sicilian fruit to make it.

Our mixed peel is made from organic Sicilian citrus fruit

La Bio Idea describe themselves as ‘dedicated passionate producers of organic Mediterranean, high quality products’. Their main range consists of pasta, pasta sauces, rice and pulses. In a little corner of their online storecupboard, however, you’ll find what for us is one of their very best products – their citrus peel.

Open their boxes of orange and lemon peel and the scent of Sicilian sun floods the room (there’s nothing better for cheering up a wintry or autumnal kitchen!). La Bio Idea take Sicilian oranges and lemons, blanch them briefly, peel them into thick slices, salt them a little for preservation, then lay them in glucose syrup so that the sugar can gradually replace the moisture in the fruit. A little citric acid is added too, for balance.

The result is a product that’s wonderfully sweet, bright and fresh-tasting: better than any ‘real’ sweet! At Naturally Good Food we then have the enviable – if rather sticky – job of mixing the peel together in a particular ratio and decanting it into smaller pots for our customers.

We do also sell individual orange and lemon peel in full 5kg boxes and can mix it for you in bulk packets too. Our best-selling sizes, however, remain our 100g and 200g pots of mixed peel – just right for Christmas baking. From September onwards, we race to keep up with demand for this ingredient.

We don’t include mixed peel in our NGF ‘mixed fruit’ mixes. We’re not huge fans of the dried-out cubes of orange and lemon peel you’ll encounter in some of these supermarket-style mixes. These strands of organic peel are so vibrant they deserve to be the star of their own show, not simply a supporting act!

Just right for Christmas baking!

Mixed peel brightens up – and lightens up – all manner of Christmas baking. It’s a wonderfully welcome addition to the traditional, heavier mix of raisins, sultanas and currants in pies, puddings and cakes. It’s also an important ingredient in traditional stollen and panettone, of course, and in many other dishes. Here are a few great ideas for using it to best effect:

All our mixed peel

Click here to see all our mixed (and our individual) peel. For those of you not looking for an organic option, we also stock non-organic chopped mixed peel in small and bulk sizes.

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