Winter: let’s stay healthy!

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We’re not deeply into winter yet, of course, but its icy fingers have already begun snaking over the doorsteps and through gaps in the duvet. It’s tempting to think about hunkering down – simply hibernating – for the next three months. But is that the best way to stay healthy? This year, we’ve decided to meet winter head-on! We’re going to wrap up warm, breast the storm, and carry our good health through to springtime. Fancy joining us? Here’s how we think it should be done.

Winter is coming: let's meet it head-on!

Keeping our batteries charged

To see us through the winter, we need to maintain a steady supply of energy. It’s the time for no-nonsense, sustaining food – but not just treacle puddings and chips – proper, nutritious foods, with slow-releasing energy.

Winter is the time, if ever there was one, to put wholefoods at the centre of our diet. Wholefoods are the ‘whole of the food’, with as little taken out and as little added in as possible. They’re things like pulses (dried beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils), grains (rice, quinoa, oats, flour), nuts, seeds and dried fruit. They’re unrefined – ‘brown’, wholewheat, wholemeal or wholegrain, in other words – which means that they’re full of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. They’re the basis of every good, nutritious winter-warming dish, and they’ll keep our engines purring over until spring!

Click here to see all our wholefoods.

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of our wholefoods recipes here:

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Pumpkin, white bean and bacon bake

Supercharging our batteries

Every so often in winter, you might, like us, feel the need to turbo-charge your batteries, your immune system and your health in general. Perhaps you’re feeling a bout of the sniffles approaching – or are making an irritatingly slow recovery from a cough or cold. Perhaps the dark winter mornings and evenings have left you longing for something with a real burst of freshness and brightness. For all of these purposes, we recommend our range of superfoods.

A superfood is really whatever makes food ‘super’ for you. For us, it’s foods that do one particular thing very well. They might be foods that are especially rich in one distinct vitamin or mineral, or foods that are likely to have a particularly good effect on one part of our health. We’ve grouped lots of them together on our website – but it’s not a definitive list. If honey, for example, or oats, or Medjoul dates, are your superfood, then that’s what you need to reach for, when the going gets tough!

Click here to see our collection of superfoods. Many of these come in powdered form and are quite extraordinarily rich in particular elements. Take acai powder, for instance, made from the ground-up dark-purple, grape-like berries of the Acai Palm, which grows on the banks of the Amazon river: this contains a wealth of the vital vitamin A. Or baobab fruit pulp powder, the fruit of the ‘tree of life’ in Africa – an incredibly rich source of vitamin C. There are powders grown and processed closer to home too, like barleygrass and wheatgrass powders, bursting with the nutrients of summer meadows, and bringing that healthy summer feeling just a little bit closer.

What exactly can you do with our superfoods? We look at a couple of super tips and recipes here:

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Do you know about barleygrass powder?

Walk like an Egyptian: with wheatgrass powder

Keeping our motors running

Food alone won’t keep us healthy all winter long. No matter how unappealing it is from our current position on the sofa, we know that getting out and about and taking exercise is one of the most important parts of maintaining good health.

Exercise keeps our blood pumping, our limbs supple and strengthens our immune systems. We know we’ll feel better for it – it’s just a case of propelling ourselves out there!

Everyone has their own preferred way of staying fit over the winter months. If you do nothing else, build a daily walk into your schedule. And maybe bookmark ‘The Festival of Winter Walks’, which runs from December 20th this year. This Festival, which has run annually for about 30 years, takes place over the very darkest days of the year. It aims to get people out and walking at the time of year when it’s most difficult to do so. Click here for more details.

Roll on the spring….

Just reading this blog may have made you feel energised: a diet rich in nutritious wholefoods and superfoods, complemented by exercise, should keep you feeling that way all winter long!

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