Make your own organic marzipan

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Christmas is coming – and perhaps your Christmas cake is already maturing nicely in a dark cupboard? One way to make it extra-special, when it finally emerges, is to add your own home-made marzipan to the top. Making organic marzipan is easy – and fun – and the end-product tastes amazing!

Make it yourself - homemade marzipan!

Here’s how to do it, using our ingredients.



  1. Mix the sugars and almonds in a large bowl, then rub in the vanilla seeds (or extract) until even.
  2. Make a well in the middle, then tip in the eggs and lemon juice.
  3. Cut the wet ingredients into the dry with a cutlery knife. Dust the surface with icing sugar, then knead it briefly with your hands to a smooth dough. (Don’t overdo the kneading, or the paste can get greasy.)
  4. Add a bit more icing sugar if it seems too wet. Shape into a ball, then wrap and keep in a cool place until you’re ready to cover your cake.
  5. Vital: guard against bits being nibbled during the night!


As with many home-made products, you can experiment with the flavouring of the marzipan: for example, you might try replacing the lemon juice with orange juice, or, for an extra-almondy flavour, could add a drop of almond extract.

The icing on the top?

You’ll need some more of our organic icing sugar for the final layer. It’s simply beautiful to work with, light and delicately flavoured, without any cloying sweetness.

Not enough time/energy/enthusiasm to make your own?

Never fear – we’ve got that covered too! We simply can’t stop talking about the ready-made organic Lubecker marzipan we stock at Naturally Good Food, with its 52% almond content. Soft, delicate in flavour and truly delicious, it’s made without any colouring or eggs at all.

We’ve got Lubecker marzipan, from the Lubeca company, in 1kg and 12.5kg pack sizes.

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