Go Nuts for Christmas!

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Nuts: you know it’s Christmas when there’s suddenly a bowl of nuts on your parents’ side-table, or a net of nuts at the supermarket checkout. We’ve been eating nuts at Christmas since the festivities first began – and indeed, earlier – they were included in the very earliest Pagan celebrations at this time of year, when every luxury food item would be saved up for a great feast. With nuts having been harvested in autumn, they were an obvious addition to the table.

Go nuts this Christmas with NGF!

Times may have moved on, but too many of us still save nuts just for special occasions. Really, they should be an everyday snack, particularly for vegetarians and vegans, as they’re a great source of protein, energy and calories. Nuts are also high in unsaturated fat, which helps maintain a healthy heart, and a good provider of many minerals, including iron, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants, folic acid and selenium. Those of us wanting to eat in a more environmentally conscious way should also bear in mind that nuts are highly recommended as a source of non-meat protein. Nowadays, however, we’re so used to just having nibbles of them in cereals or snack bars, or avoiding them altogether, in case of allergies, that actually having a big bag to work our way through is as much a treat today as it ever was.

Mixed nuts

Our organic mixed nuts sell particularly well at Christmas, where you can put a handful in a bowl and have it to hand while watching a three-hour epic film, or embarking on a family game of Monopoly, or can leave it on a table for a party or gathering. We mix the very finest, crunchiest walnuts, almonds, brazils and hazelnuts in our mixed nut bags, letting you dip in and get a different treat every time. Our mixed nuts come in packets ranging from 250g (just right for one person), up to 1kg packs, which are ideal for bigger gatherings.

If you want individual types of nuts, we offer all of those from our mixed nut bag separately too. We’ve also got other types of nut, which likewise make great Christmas treats. This is, of course, the time of year when you can happily throw a couple of extra things into the shopping basket (whether real or online). Why not add some nuts to your order today? If you’re already ordering a lot, they might even take you into the category for free postage.

Nuts to nibble

Here’s some more options from our range of ‘nibbling’ nuts:

  • Cashews: in pieces, or whole, delicately flavoured and very tasty.
  • Macadamias: the queen of nuts, with a creamy, addictive flavour.
  • Peanuts: both in and out of their shells, organic and non-organic.
  • Pecans: if you’ve only ever encountered these on top of a pecan pie, push the boat out and buy a proper bag. These toffee-sweet nuts are Christmas in a bag!
  • Pistachios: roasted and salted. Just the thing for Christmas drinks with the vicar.

Click here to see all our nuts.

Snack packs


If you’re after something more exotic, have a look at our full selection of snack packs, in which our suppliers have roasted, salted and spiced their nuts, and mixed them with a variety of fruits. There really is something for everyone there – for Christmas and beyond!

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