It’s the NGF Christmas/New Year Food Quiz!

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Do we know as much about the world of food as we like to think we do? Do we know as much as we should? And – crucially – do we know as much as our very well-informed customers?

Try out our very first Christmas/New Year quiz!

Put yourselves – and us – to the test, in our very first NGF Christmas/New Year food quiz! We’re going to be racking our brains, trawling our blogs and scouring the newspapers for memories of the big food stories of 2019. So give it a whirl – there’s a big fat prize in it for the winner!

Food Quiz 2019

1. A vegan version of which savoury snack favourite was launched by a high street food retailer in January?

2. Ooh la la! Which restaurant chain went into administration in January?

3. And – bish, bash, bosh! – which followed it in May?

4. Which political party had an ‘oven-ready’ meal-deal on the table in November?

5. Whose smart ties couldn’t save him from disaster in the vertical pie challenge on the Great British Bake-Off?

6. Worries bubbled up about chlorination, in March. What’s the foodstuff it might affect?

7. In June, five people died after eating sandwiches contaminated with listeria. Which public body served them up?

8. Natasha’s Law was introduced in September. Who should it help?

9. What diet, aiming to transform the world’s eating habits, was launched by the EAT-Lancet commission in January?

10. What foodstuff did Extinction Rebellion urge us all to abandon this summer?

11. Who (reportedly) ‘went vegan’ for a leadership bid in the summer – but then claimed in November to be ‘made of’ Greggs’ sausage rolls?

12. In October, England’s outgoing chief medical officer suggested banning snacks on which kinds of transport, to tackle obesity?

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