Setting up a baking business?

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If you’re thinking of starting up a baking business, and looking for a good bulk supplier, then you’ve come to the right place. At Naturally Good Food, we supply a large number of small bakery businesses (as well as some significantly bigger ones). We’re a great source of fine ingredients in the quantities in which you need them, at a good price.

Thinking of starting a baking business in 2020?

Small-scale baking businesses have really taken off in the last decade. From the person who produces a regular supply for school fetes, to the kitchen-table birthday cake business that’s ended up engulfing every working hour, there’s a huge appetite for home-made cakes. And that’s because – ultimately – they taste better and can be much more personal than a shop-bought option!

Buying in bulk

When people start off baking, they tend to buy their ingredients in much the same way as they would if they were cooking for their family. They stock up on small packets of flour, sugar, extracts and the like at the supermarket. As the business expands, however, it becomes clear that this is not a cost-efficient way to proceed.

That’s where we come in. We’re experts in the bulk supply of baking ingredients. We sell 20-25kg sacks of flour of all kinds (including gluten-free), along with sacks of oats, flakes, grains and sugars. We sell mid-bulk and bulk packs and bags of dried fruit, nuts and seeds – you might not yet need 12.5kg of raisins, but a 3kg bag might not go amiss. We sell vanilla extract in 1 litre bottles and marzipan in 12.5kg packs. Our ingredients that are produced in smaller sizes qualify for our case discount when bought in bulk.

Buying in bulk is the cheapest way to get your products. It’s also the most sensible: once you start working with large packs, sacks and bottles, you’ll be unlikely to suddenly run out of something vital – once you get down to the last couple of inches, you’ll remember to reorder. It can also be the most environmentally friendly way to shop, which might really matter to your customers. When you buy in bulk, you’re removing the ‘middle man’ of unpacking and repacking, saving on packaging materials. (You can read our plastics and packaging policy here.)

Now all you need is plenty of room to store it all!

What we’ve got for bakers

What we’ve got are the best ingredients: soft white flour, sturdy wholemeal and stoneground flour, unrefined and organic sugars, great extracts (instead of cheap, chemical essences), the best cooking chocolate and the finest, juiciest, crunchiest dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

What kind of flour are you looking for? Organic white flourGluten-free self-raising? Wholemeal flour for treacle tart? You can see all our flours here.

What kind of sugar? Standard cane sugar – but unrefined and organic? Golden caster sugar, for a delicious taste and lovely colour? Rich, toffee-like muscovados? Fragrant coconut palm sugar? Or something from our range of alternatives, such as agave syrup or brown rice syrup? We have a wonderful range of sugars here.

To capture the most subtle of flavours, you’ll need extracts, rather than essences. We stock vanilla extract and bean paste from Nielsen Massey and Taylor and Colledge, and a range of other extracts too (including peppermint and almond). As mentioned above, we sell Nielsen Massey vanilla extract in 1-litre bulk bottles.

Premium cakes

Bakers who can say that their cakes are fully organic, or sustainably produced, or who use Fairtrade ingredients, can not only often charge a premium, but may find that their products are simply more popular in their own right, being packed full of flavour and nutrition. Naturally Good Food are organic specialists, stocking an organic version of every ingredient we can. We stock Fairtrade where that’s available too, as well as products from other ethical schemes. We’re particularly pleased to stock the If You Care range of environmentally friendly baking parchment, foil and cake cases – don’t forget those little details!

See our full organic range here. Remember – to call your cakes ‘organic’, you have to use all-organic ingredients, where these exist, and if you’re running a proper business, you’ll need to check out the Soil Association’s certification rules.

‘Free from’ cakes 

Some bakers specialise in this niche area – but anyone setting up as a baker is likely to be asked, fairly quickly, to produce a dairy-free, vegan or gluten-free cake. This kind of baking takes practice, some skill and the correct ingredients. Once you’ve worked out just what works best for you, check out our gluten-free and dairy-free ingredient ranges. We have a vast selection of dairy-free cooking chocolate, for example, and a dizzying number of gluten-free flours, along with gluten-free baking powder and thickeners. We’ve got every non-dairy milk we can think of, along with various non-dairy creams, and we have unrefined, organic, extra-virgin coconut oil to replace butter in baking too. Visit the ‘Baking’ section of our website as well as our Vegan and Free from sections, to see everything we offer.

If 2020 is the year you’re embarking on a new baking business, we wish you the best of luck!

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