Plant-based milks: we’ve got the lot!

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It’s Veganuary right now and loads of people are checking out the vegan range at Naturally Good Food. There’s never been a better or more exciting time to eat vegan, with interesting, unusual and delicious plant-based alternatives pretty much everywhere you look.

What's the best plant-based milk for you?

At Naturally Good Food, we specialize in wholefood and organic  vegan ingredients – foodstuffs that are particularly high in nutrition and allow you to follow a perfectly balanced diet. We do also stock some of the little bits and bobs that make a vegan lifestyle worth all the effort, of course (take a look at the unparalleled Booja Booja dairy-free luxury chocolate range, for instance), but the stuff we’re really into is the pulses, brown rices, grains and other wholefoods that should form the foundations of your brilliant vegan diet.

Plant-based vegan milks

One thing we’re especially good at is sourcing and delivering plant-based milks. They’re not ‘milks’ at all, of course, but the term is used widely, as they generally serve as alternatives to dairy milk in drinks, cooking and on breakfast cereals.

These kinds of milks are produced from pulses, seeds, nuts or grains and are made by soaking those ingredients in water, then mixing the pulp with fresh water (and sometimes, with sweeteners, thickeners and various flavourings) to form a drink.

Many are fortified with various vitamins and minerals to give them a similar nutritional profile to dairy milk. Others bring their own, particular benefits: almond milk, for example, is rich in vitamin E, but naturally low in calories, with no cholesterol or saturated fat. Coconut milk is full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium and selenium.

As well as vegan ‘milks’ for general use, we stock a few that are intended for specific purposes. Our Bonsoy soy milk has long been beloved of baristas across the country, for its ability to produce the perfect foam and stretch. Oatly’s Barista oat milk, however, is now snapping at its heels, finding increasing favour in top coffee-shops for similar reasons.

We’ve got a vegan milk for everyone: which one you choose will depend on your personal taste and what you plan to use it for. Our blog Non-dairy milks: which one should I choose? will help you make the right choice. Need a milk for baking? For children? For foaming in coffee? We’ve got all the advice you need there!

While you’re looking at plant-based milks, check out our plant-based creams too. We’ve got soya, almond, coconut and oat creams, as well as the revolutionary Schlagfix vegan squirty cream. There’s no need for vegans to go without!

We’ve got the lot!


Here are some quick notes on all the vegan milks we stock at Naturally Good Food:

Soya milk: a great favourite: rich in essential fatty acids, protein and fibre, this acts in much the same way as dairy milk. We believe we’ve got as many customers choosing soya milk for health reasons as for reasons of intolerance and allergy.

Almond milk: with a very delicate nutty taste, this is great for those who don’t like the taste of dairy milk, as well as for those on ‘free from’ diets.

Hazelnut milk: this has a slightly nuttier taste than almond milk and provides plenty of ‘good’ fats, along with a high level of protein.

Oat milk: brings all the many health benefits of oats, with the beta-glucans, in particular, boosting cardiovascular health.

Rice milk: when fortified with calcium and vitamins D2 and B12, rice milk provides as much calcium as a glass of cow’s milk, in an easily absorbable form. It’s also renowned for its natural sweetness.

Coconut milk: this does a really good job of giving the creamy luxuriousness of dairy milk (though we do also stock a ‘low-fat’ version, from Koko). It has only a slight aroma of coconut, which many find a plus point, and can be used just as you would dairy milk. It’s particularly good in baking, and for making ice-creams and dairy-free mousses.

Hemp milk: creamy and nutty and packed with amino acids, this more unusual variety is well worth a try.

There really is a plant-based milk for everyone out there! Check them all out here – and see our full vegan range here.

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