Vegetarian spreads: bored with cheese?

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You can have too much cheese. (And if you’re vegan, any cheese is too much cheese.) So what are the alternatives, if you need something quick and easy to stick in a sandwich? We’ve got some great ideas!

Too cheesy? See the alternatives!

Hummus: we don’t sell fresh produce at Naturally Good Food, but hummus is a storecupboard recipe anyway, and we do sell most of what you need to make your very own. We’ve got chickpeas (dried and tinned), tahini (light and dark), lemon juice and oil. We’ve also got full instructions on how to make amazing home-made hummus in our blog here.


Nut and seed butters: if you haven’t already seen our range of nut and seed butters, you need to do so right away. We have perhaps the internet’s best selection, covering every possible type we can source, in all their various forms (salted, unsalted, sweetened, unsweetened, crunchy, smooth, raw, organic – and so on). There will be types of butter you’ve never dreamt of in there!

Yeast extract: this is famously a spread that divides taste-buds and opinions, but if you like it on toast, you’ll love it in a sandwich! It’s high in protein and in vitamin B12, which is good news for vegans.

Vegetable pates: we stock a number of different vegetable pates specifically designed for quick and easy lunches and snacks. As well as making the perfect sandwich filling (perhaps with a big mound of tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, watercress and herbs), these pates go perfectly on rice cakescrackers, crispbreads, toast, bagels, pitta breads and so on – and make a nice dip too, for breadsticks.

Our vegetable pates come in jars, tins and squeezable tubes. We’ve got:

  • Artichoke pate: this organic pate has a deliciously distinctive taste.
  • Black olive pate: with a great depth of flavour.
  • Kalamata olive pate: dark and rich.
  • Herb pate: a lovely, fresh, imaginative blend of flavours.
  • Mushroom pate: perfect for when you’re craving a really savoury taste, this works especially well with spinach and watercress in a sandwich.

Not just for sandwiches

These versatile spreads and pates have loads of other uses too. You can mix them in with cooked pasta for a quick and easy coating, dollop them on top of jacket potatoes, use them to stuff mushrooms and peppers – and incorporate them into many other dishes too.

Why not check out our full vegan range here?

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